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New The Finals Terminal Attack mode is a dream for Call of Duty fans

The Finals Terminal Attack will arrive with Season 2 on May 2, heralding a brand new Search & Destroy-style experience for the PS5 and Xbox game.

The Finals Terminal Attack: a woman with dark hair and colorful face markings next to a man in a white mask

After days of speculation, The Finals developer Embark Studios has finally dished out the details on its promised “substantial update” – a new game mode called Terminal Attack that’s set to land with Season 2 on Thursday, May 2. From what was showcased, the Call of Duty inspiration is clear, and we think the Swedish studio is onto something big with this one on PS5 and Xbox.

“No healing. No revives. One life” – these are the phrases that briefly flashed up at the beginning of the trailer for The Finals’ new, best-of-seven, 5v5 Search and Destroy-based mode, Terminal Attack. In the FPS game’s latest addition, Attackers are tasked with delivering a Decryption Key to a terminal, which the Defenders must, well, defend. Though fortifying the terminal room is one method of locking it down, you’ve got to remember that everything can and will be destroyed in The Finals – including the floor.

A more strategic mode where death is final, Terminal Attack is undoubtedly going to be the main stomping ground for The Finals’ most fervent players – ourselves included. You can check out the fresh trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Embark began the countdown to Terminal Attack over the weekend, setting the stage for its brand-new mode – a mode which was initially teased simply as ‘Attack & Defend.’ From the thumbnail, it was always clear this was going to be a 5v5, CNS vs. VAIIYA experience. What was uncertain was how the mode’s gameplay loop would materialize, though our very own Sam reckoned it would be based on Call of Duty’s Search & Destroy – an educated guess that, in this instance, turned out to be right on the money.

The Finals’ latest update looks to offer up a smashing time for all involved, and it’s great to see that the free shooting game is continuing to build on the 5v5 experience initially introduced with Power Shift. Any opportunity to play with more of the homies is always a plus in our book, and we’ll certainly be putting the hours in when Terminal Attack arrives – Search & Destroy is the quintessential hardcore FPS mode, after all.

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