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The Finals’ new game mode could be a spin on a Call of Duty classic

The Finals is preparing to launch a brand-new game mode, and I reckon Embark Studios is answering the call of duty for the mode’s premise.

The Finals new game mode call of duty: An image of a Riot Shield contestant in The Finals and Captain Price smiling in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

Extracting stacks of cash is the bread and butter of The Finals, but modes like Power Shift prove that Embark can put unique twists on tried-and-tested formats. We’re approaching a huge The Finals update, which I believe will feature the debut of a fresh playlist previously teased in a cryptic video. Now, this comment from an Embark dev has me thinking it could be the game’s iteration of a Call of Duty classic: Search and Destroy. 

The Finals has had me hooked since launch, and is undoubtedly the best FPS game available right now, if you ask me. While I love decimating all The Finals maps in Power Shift right now, we’re at that point in Season 2 where I’m ready for mid-season refresh. Next week’s “substantial” update could be that injection of life Season 2 is ripe for, which may introduce a tantalizing 5v5 mode into the mix. Our initial look at this mode appears to include a computer terminal, doing away with the standard Cash Out stations we often see in Quick Cash or Bank It.

But the devil might be in the details here, as Embark Studios’ chief content officer Robert Runesson teases the new mode on the multiplayer game’s Discord server. “We had a great playtest earlier today. I think Dusty [Gustafsson, Embark’s customer support lead] is struggling a bit with the new mode. She still didn’t manage to eliminate me,” Runesson says of the forthcoming playlist. What sticks out here, and bear with me, is one keyword: eliminate.

The Finals new game mode: An image of Robert Runesson in the The Finals Discord server.

I know, you’re rolling your eyes (probably), but indulge me for a moment. It sounds like deaths are permanent, at least for the duration of a round in this new mode. With a 5v5 formation and that teased terminal show on SYS$HORIZON, it’s possible that The Finals could introduce a mode reminiscent of Call of Duty’s Search and Destroy – albeit with far more destruction and gadgets to cause havoc with. The mere thought of what The Finals’ Light class can do in this kind of setting both terrifies and excites me.

Using Gateways to teleport to the bomb site with my squad providing back up? Sign me up. With so much focus on the environment as an integral ‘character’ in The Finals, I’m curious to see how this mode will utilize player creativity. When players aren’t getting sniped to death in Power Shift, I’m always seeing awe-inspiring efforts to recapture the platform. Player freedom is where The Finals shines, and Embark shared that notion when I spoke to them ahead of Season 2’s launch.

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