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Destiny 2 The Final Shape will free your favorite sunsetted weapons

Destiny 2 weapon sunsetting was originally introduced in 2020 to cap its ever-growing list of firearms on PS5 and Xbox, and now Bungie is rolling it back.

Destiny 2 weapon sunsetting: a Guardian in green armor next to the Witness

Bungie is going balls to the wall with Destiny 2 The Final Shape, and in its latest blog post, it further sets out how it’s making its grand finale more approachable for New Lights and giving Guardians more freedom than ever on PS5 and Xbox. Perhaps the most exciting change announced in the new update for veterans is the removal of Destiny 2 weapon sunsetting – a controversial feature that power-capped classic weapons well below that of current content.

That’s right, Bungie is removing power limits from legacy gear when the Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date arrives at the beginning of June. As explained in the blog, during the development of Fireteam Power – a new multiplayer aid that will bring fireteams up to a similar Power level of their leader when tackling content – the studio found the system was also bringing up the Power of the space game’s old, Power-limited items.

With Bungie going the whole hog to ensure “all Guardians (active, returning, and new)” will be able to get in on the final battle against the Witness, the studio has subsequently decided that removing Power restrictions on old gear is the play. But what is Destiny 2 weapon sunsetting, anyway?

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Back in 2020, Bungie decided to curtail the number of weapons that players could feasibly use in its content. Considering Destiny 2 had hundreds of them by this point, it made sense to steer players toward adding new weapons to their arsenals, rather than letting them rely on old faithfuls for the multiplayer game’s decade-long lifespan. Conversely, having your favorite god-roll thrown into pew pew purgatory is a horrible feeling and players were, rightfully, upset about the measure.

Though the removal of sunsetting is great news for current and returning Guardians hoping to dust off their pride and joy for one last rodeo, it does present a couple of issues – the first of which is that these weapons won’t be nearly as powerful as their modern, more powerful counterparts. Additionally, many players (myself included) have already dismantled the majority – if not all – of their legacy gear in the FPS game. Fortunately, Bungie has already thought about this and is offering up a solid solution.

Destiny 2 weapon sunsetting: a group of guardians fight off waves of powerful opponents

“We understand that many old Power limited items have been dismantled by this point, and we regret that we have no recovery mechanism for these,” the studio says in the blog post. “Going forward, we intend to reintroduce sources for most or all of these, updated to modern Destiny sandbox standards with added properties such as Origin Traits and buildcrafting perks (as we have started to do with the BRAVE arsenal in Destiny 2: Into the Light).”

Though the un-sunsetting of weapons is one way Bungie is perhaps looking to entice long-time players to return to the fray, the promising Power changes detailed in the blog are the bigger draw. Between the substantial lowering of The Final Shape’s Power caps, the introduction of account-wide power – gear will now drop at the level of your highest Power character across classes – and improvements to reward Power, the studio is making it easier to get raid-ready than ever. I’m gassed.

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