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Sweaty snipers are ruining The Finals’ new Power Shift mode

Power Shift is The Finals' first 5v5 mode, and as great as it is, The Finals Season 2 players are taking issue one with frustrating aspect.

The Finals Power Shift snipers: An image of Light sniper in The Finals.

The Finals Season 2 is live now for all contestants across Xbox and PS5, bringing with the chaotic new Power Shift mode. Taking the focus away from looting cash, this 5v5 playlist is a tug-of-war for an indestructible platform that will demolish any buildings in its path. Gaining control of it isn’t easy, and The Finals players aren’t happy with teammates not contributing to a victory.

That’s because out of all The Finals classes, many players are opting to use the Light class to snipe unsuspecting foes from afar. In theory, it’s a useful tactic that can provide cover across the battlefield. However, if you’re hauling ass to dominate the moving platform, it often feels like you’re carrying your squad. We’re all about player creativity in the acclaimed FPS game, but teamwork really does make the dream work in The Finals.

If you’ve been venting these frustrations against Sniper wielders, then you’re not alone, either. Over on the multiplayer game‘s subreddit, many contestants are vocalizing their concerns over the abundance of snipers in Power Shift. “Light snipers on the new game mode drive me insane,” says ‘Financial-Ad-676’.

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Others are finding themselves in situations so dire that they are losing out on a well-earned victory. “I joined a match where everyone on my team was just sniping. I was the only one with objective points because none of them would go near the platforms,” adds ‘WangFire03′.

However, as annoying as this might be, it likely won’t last forever. We recently spoke to Embark Studios about shaping the current season’s meta and adding new guns to The Finals’ weapon roster. As Power Shift is brand-new territory for the game, there were always going to be pain points to endure and learn from. While we’re loving Power Shift, we’ve got some caveats of our own that we’d like to see ironed out.

Oddly, your loadout is constantly reset between deaths, making it unnecessarily irritating to reequip your preferred gear in the heat of the moment. This can be simply altered, and we reckon that Embark is already aware this is an aspect that needs investigating for an upcoming patch. However, you might need to humor players treating The Finals matches like a Call of Duty game.

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For more news on Embark’s shooter, you can also check out chat with the studio about Season 2 pushing the game’s boundaries further, and how its awesome cosmetics are created.