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All The Finals weapons and guns

With a variety of The Finals weapons at your disposal, you’ll want to know which ones to add to your loadout to win against the competition.

All The Finals weapons and guns: Keyart of a contestant in The Finals

Despite having some unique names compared to other shooters, The Finals weapons and guns list offers a range of guns and the like that are commonly found in other FPS games. Whether you prefer to pick off enemies at long-range with a sniper or go in blazing with a submachine gun, The Finals likely has the perfect gun for you.

Strangely enough, different guns from The Finals are locked to the various The Finals classes that you can choose between, at least this is the case during The Finals beta. But even if you’re waiting for The Finals console versions before playing, it is worth knowing about all of the weapons you can play with in the game.

The Finals weapons

There are a total of 17 weapons in The Finals:

  • M11 (Light Build) – Fast firing machine pistol that offers a high fire rate but lots of recoil.
  • LH1 (Light Build) – A semi-automatic rifle built for precision shots
  • V9S (Light Build) – A suppressed pistol with a short range and semi-automatic fire.
  • Assassin’s Dagger (Light Build) – Close-range melee weapon that is perfect for sneakily taking down enemies.
  • .30-06 Sniper (Light Build) – A light bolt-action sniper, perfect for dealing with other contestants at long range.
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun (Light Build) – Double-barrel shotgun with a wide spread for close range entanglements.
  • Sword (Light Build) – A high-damage melee weapon that is perfect for getting up close and personal with your enemies
  • AKM (Medium Build) – An assault rifle that is as reliable as it is powerful, and great for mid-range firefights.
  • Pump-Action GL (Medium Build) – A pump-action grenade launcher for those wanting to tear down walls and enemies alike.
  • R .357 (Medium Build) – The R .357 is a powerful revolver that can be dangerous when used against any contestant.
  • Repeater (Medium Build) – Described as a “classic choice”, this semi-automatic rifle is perfect for picking off enemies at a distance.
  • Riot Shield (Medium Build) – Protects from enemy bullets and other forms of damage, and can be used to bash enemies as a melee weapon.
  • M60 (Heavy Build) – A high fire rate light machine gun designed to dominate in close-range engagements.
  • Flamethrower (Heavy Build) – The flamethrower emits a stream of flames at anyone daring enough to come close to you.
  • Sledgehammer (Heavy Build) – A melee weapon that is perfect for demolishing your enemies and any obstacles alike.
  • SA1216 (Heavy Build) – A rapid-fire shotgun with the ability to hold up to four shots, perfect for any enemies that get too close.
  • M32 GL (Heavy Build) – An explosive grenade launcher that holds six shots, great for clearing out enemy teams quickly.

The best weapons for each build vary depending on your play style. However, we recommend a ranged weapon instead of a melee, since firefights are frenetic and fast-paced in The Finals. However, we recommend the M11 for the Light Build, the AKM for the Medium Build, and the M60 for the Heavy Build respectively.

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Some of these weapons are locked until you progress your contestant level in the career path. However, you should have enough weapons at your disposal straight away.

Those are all of The Finals weapons so far, but we’ll be sure to update as we get closer to The Finals release date, when it officially launches. If you simply can’t wait to join The Finals, make sure to check out the best FPS games or the best competitive FPS games right now, so you have something to play before The Finals releases.