The Finals release date speculation, gameplay

You might be good, but to come out on top you will need to prepare for The Finals release date to be ready to beat the other teams when this FPS drops.

The Finals Release Date: a soldier can be seen

When is The Finals release date? We know there’s a lot of debate around the best competitive FPS games right now, but Embark Studios could be coming out with a surprise contender for the top spot with The Finals. This free-to-play team-based title is going to throw players into bombastic, destructive levels reminiscent of Battlefield.

With dynamism and intuitiveness at its’ core, The Finals is promising players a new level of chaotic gameplay when it launches. The game is looking to bring back the classic “only in Battlefield” style moments that many people have been longing for after Battlefield 2042‘s underwhelming launch. It has a strong chance to be in our best PS5 FPS games and best Xbox FPS games when The Finals Xbox and PS5 release comes out because of this.

The Finals release date speculation

The Finals release date is expected in late 2023, following a successful beta test back in March 2023 and the current beta in June 2023. The game’s development seems to be progressing well so a release later this year is looking likely.

There was a The Finals beta back in March and is currently having a second one, with players able to sign up for future playtests on the Steam page for the game. The game is still in development, but Embark is clearly pitching this as a live service, and impressions from the beta periods suggest the game could launch on PC right now as it plays that well.

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We haven’t seen the console versions yet, so it’s currently unknown if Embark plans to launch those at the same time.

The Finals gameplay

A lot of The Finals gameplay has come out since the first beta. Either being showcased on Twitch or included in YouTube videos. With 12 players total on the tight, close-quarters map, the goal is to grab boxes and deposit them to win matches.

As you are trying to complete this objective, you are able to use various The Finals weapons to kill your enemies, but also flatten entire buildings, structures, and more with explosives and gadgets. Embark has a number of former Battlefield developers and the destruction is extremely reminiscent of the series.

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For example, some of the crazy situations you can get yourself into involve using items together with weapons, like this player who created a chair turret back in the first The Finals beta.

In the trailer for that beta, we saw some of the destruction and gadgets, including a glue gun that creates paths and can block off objectives, as well as a number of other features like a grappling hook and zip lines spread out throughout the map. Embark has said a number of these features are experimental and they may all not make it to the full release. But the reception to them has been great. As such, they should make it into the final game!

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That’s all there is to know about the game ahead of The Finals release date. We should find out more in the coming months, but for now, you can check out our picks for the best FPS games to see what else is on the list before The Finals potentially shakes it up.