The best Xbox FPS games March 2023

If you’re looking for a way to satiate your desire to shoot to your heart’s content, there are plenty of exceptional Xbox FPS games to play.

Best Xbox FPS games: a German soldier in Battlefield 1 holding a pistol in one hand and a shovel in another

What makes the best Xbox FPS games in 2023? Impressive graphics or unique art design, diverse play styles, AI that are clever without being too complex are all imperative. Throw in an optional but fantastic storyline and you’ve got the recipe to success.

It can be difficult to find the best FPS games gems in an oversaturated market though. With so many to choose from, sometimes the itch for a new and refreshing shooter is difficult to scratch. Fear not – we’ve got the best Xbox FPS games in one list right here for you.

Here are the best Xbox FPS games:

  • Titanfall 2
  • Apex Legends
  • Doom Eternal
  • Metal Hellsinger
  • Battlefield 1
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • Resident Evil Village
  • Superhot
  • Metro Redux
  • Destiny 2

Best Xbox FPS games: A soldier watches a mech fight someone in Titanfall 2

1. Titanfall 2

Although it was released over six years ago, Titanfall 2 remains one of the strongest FPS games on the market. Despite its fantastic campaign and excellent multiplayer mode, Titanfall 2 was released in between new releases from Call of Duty and Battlefield, and was far too underappreciated at the time.

This futuristic shooter sees players controlling mammoth mech-style Titans and their pilots, who are smaller and more agile with impressive skills such as wall-jumping and parkour used to keep up the frenetic style of play.

There’s a phenomenal story underlying the combat too as you follow Jack Cooper, a military rifleman who bonds with his mentor’s Titan after his mentor is killed in action.

Best Xbox FPS games: Lifeline looks down the barrel of a sniper rifle in Apex Legends

2. Apex Legends

Following Titanfall 2’s release, developer Respawn Entertainment jumped into the quiet process of creating Apex Legends. It dropped with almost no pre-release promotion in 2019 as an exciting new take on the battle royale formula. With gamers tired of live service titles saturated with loot boxes, Apex Legends was a refreshing new arrival.

Introducing heroes with unique abilities, Apex is set in the Titanfall universe and boasts an impressively intuitive ping system which makes playing with randomly matched teammates a much less painful experience than most of its competitors.

It’s arguably one of the best battle royale games on the market and doubles up as one of the best free shooting games too. If you get into it, make sure to check out our guides to the Apex Legends ranks and Apex Legends tier list.

Best Xbox FPS games: a soldier fights several enemies with a gun in Doom Eternal

3. Doom Eternal

There’s been plenty of controversy surrounding the outstanding soundtrack to 2020’s Doom Eternal, but the fact remains that the sequel to the 2016 original will have every player headbanging their way through a gory mission to end Hell’s consumption of earth.

Playing once again as the Doom Slayer, you’re forced to make split-second decisions utilising new accessories such as the Meat Hook which functions as a grappling hook, and new mechanics including wall climbing and dashing. Mastering resource management as well as being able to think on your feet is key to success in this FPS.

Doom Eternal is beautiful, brutal, beastly fun from start to finish.

Best Xbox FPS games: a succubus aims her pistol in Metal Hellsinger

4. Metal: Hellsinger

From one gory game with an incredible soundtrack, to another that requires you to follow the beat of its rhythm to fight through the fiercest depths of the Infernal Planes. Demon hordes descend upon you as your ability to shoot on the beat determines the experience you get from this rhythm FPS.

Timing your attacks well will charge a Fury multiplier which, when combined with a long streak, can see your score rocket up. The fact that it’s available on Game Pass forgives its short play length, and the striking underworld imagery is a sight to behold.

Metal: Hellsinger offers original music for each level with renowned metal musicians such as Trivium’s Matt Heafy and Serf Tankian of System of a Down lending their voices to the impeccable soundtrack.

Read our Metal Hellsinger review.

Best Xbox FPS games: a soldier in a gas mask readies his weapon in Battlefield 1

5. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is set in archaic World War 1, lending an intense atmosphere to this large-scale warfare. The multiplayer is what we’re really highlighting here, as it keeps combat balanced yet clever amongst the chaos that the Battlefield series is renowned for.

The authentic World War 1 era weaponry is particularly outstanding in terms of attention to detail and the dynamically destructive environment makes it particularly engaging.

The campaign is still a gem amongst the mediocrity of most single-player Battlefield modes though as it focuses on humanising the ongoing war and telling the story of the people that fought it without glorifying death.

Best Xbox FPS games: Ghost shoulders a rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2’s release in 2022 saw Activision keen to provide something refreshing to keep players interested following the flop of 2021’s Vanguard.

In our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 review, we noted the distinct multiplayer and PvE experience which gave the game the potential to be the best Call of Duty title in years even despite some performance issues.

With the addition of raids, special ops missions that test your three-player team’s capabilities, end-game content has solidified that status for Modern Warfare 2. With its twin, Warzone 2 packaged into the same downloadable bundle bringing extra value for completely free in the form of the hit battle royale sequel, there has never been a better time to pick up the controller and drop in.

Best Xbox FPS games: an enemy wields a weapon in Resident Evil Village

7. Resident Evil Village

No, we haven’t got confused and continued our list of the best Xbox horror games here, Resident Evil Village truly is a fantastic FPS for the Xbox.

The game follows on from the events of Resident Evil 7 as you enter a sinister rural open world in a bid to save Ethan’s infant daughter. The frenzied violence and variety of enemies make this a tense but hugely rewarding foray into the horror FPS genre.

It’s more action-heavy than its predecessor but the gruesome secrets discovered along the way ensure the psychological element is far from lost.

Best Xbox FPS games: A lone soldier shoots two red enemies in Superhot

8. Superhot

This FPS list wouldn’t be complete with one of the most compelling indie titles. The team at Superhot follow traditional first-person shooter mechanics whilst adding a compelling twist. Time moves at a normal pace only when the player is moving, meaning remaining still slows everything down and gives you time to assess the situation unfolding.

The minimalist art style highlights enemies in red and weapons in black, and your seemingly simple task is to eliminate hostile attackers. Weapons break easily and have limited ammo meaning killing enemies is the only way to get new ones.

Another twist adding a welcome difficulty spike is that getting hit just once kills you, requiring you to start the level from the beginning again. It’s a great little game that’ll keep you coming back for more time and time again.

Best Xbox FPS games: Two soldiers stand in front of a truck in Metro Redux

9. Metro Redux

Set in a post-apocalyptic Russian future, mutant predators run rampage around crumbling subway stations. The culture, survivors, and secrets are both horrifying yet wondrous, and gives the player the chance to choose their pace and style of gameplay from the off.

Redux rebuilds Metro 2033 in a polished version which doesn’t sacrifice the brutality of the original. Survival is key, though. If you go in all guns blazing expecting to have a great time, you won’t see another day.

The dark, tension-filled playthrough benefits from an overhauled AI, mechanics, and visuals, making Redux one of the very best.

Best Xbox FPS games: A soldier shoots a rifle in Destiny 2

10. Destiny 2

In a world plagued by live service games that force in-game purchases towards you in order to justify their existence, Destiny 2 is welcome saviour.

Yes, the expansions cost real money but when their narrative team is so outstanding, you find yourself counting down to the updates to catch the next story beat. With a plethora of weekly activities available to boost your power level, and combat that differs so wildly from PvP to PvE, there’s something for everyone in Bungie’s space shooter.

A particular highlight is the end-game content that provides enough of a difficulty spike to give any Guardian a challenge, and the rewards are worthwhile.

And with the Destiny 2 Lightfall finally here, there’s never been a better time to jump into the game.

That’s it for our list of the best Xbox FPS games you can play right now, but if you’re itching to discover more hidden gems we’ve also got a guide on the best Xbox Game Pass games which features a plethora of titles that deserve your time, and promise an amazing experience in return.