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The Finals begins teasing brand-new Attack & Defend game mode

Embark Studios is teeing up the launch of The Finals’ new Attack & Defend game mode, after teasing a “substantial” update on PS5 and Xbox.

The Finals Attack and Defend mode: An image of VAIIYA and CNS contestants in The Finals.

We’ve been eager to know what The Finals’ developer Embark Studios is toying with behind the scenes, after teasing a massive update for the free-to-play shooter. Speculation has been rampant for what this PS5 and Xbox addition could be, and now Embark Studios is finally drawing the curtains on its new game mode. The Finals Attack & Defend mode will debut soon, and you can see what it’s all about soon.

With consistent updates and notable quality-of-life fixes hitting the game, The Finals continues to be one of the best FPS games on consoles. Embark’s content release cadence continues with Attack & Defend. This follows previous claims from the studio that it was working on a “substantial” update, and this mode seems to be part of those plans. A countdown is currently live on The Finals’ YouTube channel, where players can prepare for Attack & Defend mode’s reveal trailer.

Going off the video’s thumbnail, the mode will take on a 5v5 format, similar to Season 2’s Power Shift mode. Previous in-game teases have alluded to a game mode that utilizes computer terminals and is set on the SYS$HORIZON map. The potential premise isn’t that unlike Search and Destroy from rival multiplayer games – we think you know which one. Recent playtests have been underway recently, too, and it appears that the mode is possibly taking influence from the classic Call of Duty mode.

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Attack & Defend will place players into teams of CNS and VAIIYA, two new groups that were introduced at the start of Season 2. CNS is a rogue hacker group, responsible for the arrival of SYS$HORIZON and Season 2’s map-altering gadgets like the Dematerializer.

VAIIYA, on the other hand, is sponsoring the fictitious game show. Embark has expanded on VAIIYA’s presence in The Finals, adding cosmetics depicting VAIIYA enforcers with riot shields.

We’re sure there are still plenty of surprises to come from The Final Season 2, too. PS5 and Xbox players have until Tuesday, June 11, 2024, to complete the current The Finals battle pass. Aside from bagging all the sleek skins it offers, it won’t be long before Embark Studios starts teasing what Season 3 has in store.

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