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Helldivers 2 pokes fun at Escape From Tarkov’s DLC mess

As criticisms mount against the recent Escape From Tarkov DLC drama, Helldivers 2 takes a playful jab at the FPS game with these cosmetics.

Helldivers 2 Escape From Tarkov Unheard Edition DLC: An image of a Super Citizen screaming in Helldivers 2.

Escape From Tarkov is having a bad time right now. Battlestate Games’ hard-as-nails shooter is set to release a brand-new PvE mode, but you’ll need to fork up $250 for the privilege of playing it. The studio doesn’t class this mode as DLC, either. Now, Tarkov players are having their fill of venting their frustrations, but you probably didn’t expect Helldivers 2 to add to the pile of criticisms.

In a recent social media post about the increasingly popular co-op game, Arrowhead deploys an amusing knock at the Escape From Tarkov Unheard Edition debacle. “Be sure to check out the deals in the Acquisition Center today, with prices so low, they’re practically Unheard of,” the post jokes. However, the jabs don’t stop there, as Arrowhead notes the benefits of purchasing this particular Helldivers 2 armor set: “True Believers can grab the CM-21 Trench Paramedic for only 250 SC, featuring increased pocket-size and extra stims.”

The cherry on top is that these cosmetics are apparently “not available for free to Super Citizens.” Of course, the latter isn’t true, and anyone spreading democracy in Arrowhead’s multiplayer game can purchase these cosmetics. The armor, if you’re curious, is the FS-11 Executioner set. It’s a heavy armor set, so you’ll be sacrificing speed for protection, and it’ll prove useful for handling weapons with wild recoil patterns. Arrowhead clarifies that this armor “further reduces recoil when crouching or prone by 30%. Provides 50% resistance to explosive damage.”

Helldivers 2 Escape from Tarkov DLC: An image of the FS-11 Executioner armor in Helldivers 2.

But what about the Tarkov situation? The Unheard Edition of the FPS game replaces the older Edge of Darkness iteration, which included previous content and DLC drops. However, players who own it don’t qualify to access the benefits of the $250 Unheard Edition. Battlestate Games firmly believes that the Unheard Edition, which adds an entirely new mode, isn’t classed as DLC. After considerable backlash, studio head Nikita Buyanov says in a new Reddit post that Battlestate will “honor the owners of [the] EOD version and their indelible importance and role in the EFT universe.”

Edge of Darkness owners will get access to the PvE mode, after all – but only for six months, and it’s all offline. It’s hardly the answer players were looking for, and Battlestate is aiming to alleviate this by also giving EOD owners higher priority matchmaking.

Meanwhile, Helldivers 2 continues to release additional content like Stratagems, mission types, and more chances to earn in-game currency for free. The game’s Warbonds are designed for playing at your own pace, as none of them expire after their initial release.

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