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You can claim these free MW3 skins right now, if you’re quick enough

Don’t miss out on claiming new free MW3 skins right now, as the latest Call of Duty Prime Gaming pack is available for PS5 and Xbox players.

MW3 Electron Energy Prime Gaming: An image of the Subatomic operator skin in Call of Duty MW3.

We know you’ve probably got loads of free MW3 skins in your inventory, but hey, one more can’t hurt. The good news for Modern Warfare 3 players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles is that there’s a new Prime Gaming pack available right now, and it’ll give you access to some fresh Call of Duty freebies. You need to be quick about it, though, as they won’t be around forever.

Modern Warfare 3 players can currently get hold of the ‘Electron Energy’ bundle, which adds a subtle-yet-sleek operator skin for Pham ‘Enigma’ Lan Minh. However, as cool as this bundle for Sledgehammer’s FPS game looks, it does seem a bit too similar to the limited-edition Monster Energy skins. We’ll let it slide, though, because a freebie is a freebie, after all. Alongside the addition of the brand-new operator skin, you can also expect the following gifts to the latest Call of Duty game:

  • Subatomic (Operator Skin for Pham ‘Enigma’ Lan Minh)
  • Death Conductor (Marksman Rifle Weapon Blueprint)
  • Geometric Resonance (Calling Card)
  • Bite the Buzz (Vinyl)
  • Targeted Destruction (Emblem)
  • Electroman (Charm)

MW3 Electron Energy Prime Gaming: An image of the Subatomic operator skin in Call of Duty MW3.

What we do like about the Subatomic skin is how it glows during combat, almost emulating the same effect as the multiplayer game’s vast array of reactive skins. You’ll definitely feel like a badass wearing it, just make sure you’re using a sturdy loadout too. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of the best MW3 loadouts, ensuring that you can keep on top of the ever-evolving MW3 meta. The KVD Enforcer is a solid pick among the game’s Marksman Rifles, and we’ve found ourselves putting it to the test in the Small Map Moshpit playlist.

This MW3 Prime Gaming pack is available until Thursday, May 23, 2024, and is compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game. Once you’ve claimed it, you can use it not just in MW3 multiplayer, but also in MW3’s open world game spin-off: MW3 Zombies.

With the recent release of MW3 Season 3 Reloaded, there is new content to tackle, including additions to the COD Zombies lore with another adventure into the Dark Aether. As long as you make sure to pick up this essential MW3 Zombies item, you should be able to survive long enough to uncover the update’s secrets.

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