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MW3 Zombies’ new ‘infinite’ gas mask needs to be in Warzone too

MW3 Season 3 Reloaded adds a game-changing new MW3 Zombies item that shouldn’t be exclusive to the COD PvE mode.

MW3 Season 3 Reloaded update: An image Zombie Ghost and a Gas Mask operator in Warzone.

The new MW3 Season 3 Reloaded update brings new maps, modes, and more importantly, MW3 Zombies content to the table for PS5 and Xbox players. Exploring the Dark Aether and the gloomy streets of Urzikstan can be deadly, especially if you need a gas mask to survive in all that undead air. Now, you never need to worry about running out of gas masks ever again, as the latest Call of Duty update introduces an excellent new item. However, it’s one that will leave Warzone players up in arms.

In the recent Modern Warfare 3 patch notes released by Sledgehammer Games, the developer outlines a game-changing tweak in the form of the Golden Mask Filter. This new MW3 Zombies item is fitted to your gas mask, and can essentially give it almost infinite durability. “Attaching the Golden Mask Filter to a gas mask causes its charge to self-regenerate over time,” explains Sledgehammer – although, if you use up a full charge of the filter in the popular FPS game, it’ll be broken permanently for the duration of the match.

However, if you manage to find another Golden Mask Filter in-game, you’ll begin to receive the benefits once more. We’ve often been caught without adequate protection in Strongholds where gas is extremely volatile, especially as gas masks can be scarce to find in Urzikstan. It’ll be a helpful item in our quest to gather all the Wonder Weapon schematics, but where this item really belongs is in Call of Duty’s battle royale game spin-off Warzone.

MW3 Season 3 Reloaded update: An image of the Golden Gas Mask Filter.

We all remember the days of that frankly awful gas mask animation, which would interrupt our flow mid-gunfight, and that’s before it depleted quickly. Although the former issue has been improved in Warzone, ordinary gas masks continue to be near useless. Sure, you can cheese your way to victory with healing stims and higher tier masks, but that’s another obstacle to manage on top of outsmarting your opponents.

Many players have been calling for an improved gas mask, or an item like this new Golden Mask Filter, for a very long time, so it is surprising to see it introduced into Zombies and not Warzone. Of course, like any decent multiplayer game out there, it’d need to be balanced appropriately if it did ever make the jump over to COD’s free-to-play experience.

Unlike MW3 Zombies, which is focused on PvE action, Warzone is PvP chaos through and through. Hypothetically, to balance the Golden Mask Filter here, Sledgehammer could make the filter available to all players from the get-go, and once it’s broken, it’s done.

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Elsewhere in the latest patch notes, another great MW3 Zombies addition is the ability to add Dead Wire Detonators to your lethal equipment and launchers, and not just standard MW3 guns. These will prove to be a worthwhile part of your arsenal while taking on the Dark Aether’s toughest enemies, thanks to their electrifying AOE damage.

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