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Warzone solves this infuriating Gas Mask issue for Urzikstan’s debut

Developer Raven Software deploys several changes to Call of Duty Warzone in the new map Urzikstan, including this welcome tweak for Gas Masks during battle.

Warzone Urzikstan gas mask fix

Dropping into Warzone changes with the arrival of brand-new map Urzikstan, which appears to be the spiritual successor to Verdansk players are craving. With a wealth of new features to dig into when the latest era of Call of Duty begins with Modern Warfare 3, one change from developer Raven Software is going to shake up firefights for the better going forward. The days of the storm throwing you off your game are set to end.

All of us have had to dip into the storm in Warzone for a cunning play, as outlasting your opponent with a Gas Mask could be the difference between a loss or a win. However, the animation of equipping the Gas Mask can often be the cause of the former, and continues to plague Warzone players – for now. “Timing is everything in [Call of DutyWarzone. We’ve made improvements to the Gas Mask that now allow you to equip and unequip it when you want – not just when you need it,” explains Raven Software on social media.

The feature was last seen in Warzone Caldera, which recently shut down its servers forever. When Al Mazrah debuted in Warzone, the feature was unfortunately absent. If you’re more of a multiplayer fan, then you may not have encountered the Gas Mask’s wrath. Essentially, getting caught in the storm will force an animation to begin, which makes firing your weapon impossible and visibility extremely limited for a brief time. You’ll likely get beamed by an enemy during this animation window as a result. Getting ahead of that animation will open up plenty of opportunities to survive.

Warzone Urzikstan Gas Masks MW3

Though the response to Al Mazrah initially was positive, it never quite achieved the same level of fan success like the Verdansk-era before it that it become one of the best battle royale games available. That could all change, though, as Urzikstan is giving off some serious Verdansk vibes, and replacing Al Mazrah in the process.

Urzikstan will include other tweaks to gameplay too, which are shared in parity with Modern Warfare 3. This includes your time-to-kill, as weapons will operate with a shared vision across both experiences, ensuring that your MW3 Gear and loadouts have another layer of versatility. Speaking of kitting up your arsenal, you can get a look at all the MW3 guns that will transition in Warzone already.

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While Warzone Season 6 continues in the meantime, we recommend looking into our list of the best Warzone loadouts and best Warzone guns for the current season, as the Warzone meta evolves.