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Modern Warfare 3 Gear looks made to create overpowered loadouts

Creating a powerful MW3 loadout won't take you long with the new addition of MW3 Gear, giving you different buffs to combine in the latest Call of Duty game.

Modern Warfare 3 gear gloves vests perks

Getting stuck into Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer will likely be your first objective when you get hands-on with the latest COD game. But before you even step into the refreshed versions of Rust or Highrise in MW3 beta, you’ll get to spend some time tinkering with your loadouts – including the new addition of Gear.

During the Call of Duty Next presentation, the MW3 multiplayer segment details the arrival of new equipment known as Gear in loadouts, which was previously purported in leaks. Gear in Modern Warfare 3 is split into different groups, such as Vests, Boots, Gloves. Each of them are given different buffs, which can affect your movement speed, recharge speed for field upgrades, and more during the heat of battle. In the beta, you’ll have access to 4 Vests.

Specifically, it appears that classic perks from Modern Warfare 2 (2009) like Lightweight and Ghost, as well as others, are having their attributes repurposed into Gear modules, such as the Lightweight Boots and Sneakers. In a bid to emerge as one of the best FPS games this year, there will be a multitude of options in the MW3 beta, and even more to acquire when the Modern Warfare 3 release date arrives.

Modern Warfare 3 gear vests gloves boots

Essentially, you can expect each section of your loadout to be divided as follows:

  • Boots: Movement based perks that will award buffs to climbing, sliding, running, and swimming. Also affects movement sound/volume
  • Gloves: Increase elements like weapon swapping, reload speed, ADS speeds
  • Gear: Extra protection from explosive damage etc
  • Vests: Numerous buffs can be acquired through this slot, such as improvements to your tactical sprint

We can already see this new system leading to some absolutely overpowered, or at the very least, super versatile loadouts when the full game arrives. The Call of Duty Next presentation also details that for the MW3 beta, you’ll be unlocking some of these parts via the battle pass, so the grind will be imminent when you boot up.

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Alongside Gear, you can also look into Modern Warfare 3 Aftermarket Parts, which give your Gunsmith options another layer of versatility. You’ll be putting them to use in a few iconic locations in the beta. Here are all the MW3 beta maps you need to know about.