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Gears of War actor drops latest hint at a big Gears 6 reveal in June

Gears 6 could soon rise like a phoenix from the ashes, as this Gears of War actor hints that the Xbox shooter is due for a big reveal.

Gears 6 tease Xbox: An image of JD In Gears of War 5.

If there’s one Xbox franchise that we can’t wait to dive back into, it’s Gears of War. We’ve been holding out for the potential reveal of Gears 6 for a while, and now our hope might not be misplaced. Ahead of the Xbox Showcase in June, Gears actor Liam McIntyre appears to be igniting the flames for an explosive Gears of War 6 reveal. We’ll be spoiling the end of Gears 5 going forward, so proceed with caution if you’re yet to play the most recent entry.

The Gears of War games aren’t just some of the best Xbox games ever made, but they’re undoubtedly among the greatest co-op games in existence. Before Microsoft treats us to a preview of all the new Xbox games on the horizon, McIntyre responds to fan queries about Gears 6 appearing at the June showcase: “I have no idea. I think @GearsOfWar tells us all in June.” Microsoft confirmed its plans for a big Xbox Showcase earlier this year, and insiders have alleged Gears 6 is a key title set to be featured. Whether McIntyre is involved in the next Gears game, though, is another question on our minds.

If you managed to get to the end of Gears 5, one of the best Xbox Game Pass games available to subscribers, you’ll know that the game presents you with a major decision. You can choose to save JD or Del Walker, and let us tell you, this was a hard choice to make. Depending on the outcome of your decision, one of these characters will be brutally killed by Reyna (the Queen of the Swarm). We still feel bad about letting JD meet such a grizzly demise, but that could change depending on what ending Gears 6 decides to roll with.

Liam McIntyre Gears 6 tease: An image of Liam McIntyre's social media feed teasing Gears of War 6.

McIntyre seems keen for an alternative ending to play out in canon, though. Following his Gears 6 tease on social media, the actor confirms he suggested an ending where both characters live. “I pitched exactly that to Rod [Fergusson] but then he left. Hopefully that’s not related,” McIntyre jokes. It certainly isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumblings about a new entry in the Gears franchise, however.

Rumors of a remastered Gears of War collection date back to May 2022, and have recently emerged again following claims it is in the testing phase. It was even said to be part of plans to bring Xbox exclusives to other platforms earlier this year. We’re so hungry for it to become a reality that our very own Aaron can’t stop gushing about it.

Sadly, it didn’t show up in the previous Xbox Developer Direct showcase in January, where we instead got expanded looks at RPG game Avowed and Todd Howard’s action-adventure FPS game passion project, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

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