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The Finals Season 3 could add shiny new Ruby tier to Ranked Leagues

The Finals Season 3 might see Ranked Leagues get an extra tier added, as Embark Studios reveals content in the works for the hit FPS.

The Finals Ranked Leagues Ruby: An image of the new Ruby tier in The Finals Ranked.

If you thought that The Finals‘ standard playlists were intense, then you should definitely see what Ranked Leagues are all about. Each battle brings together the best players around on PS5 and Xbox, and it could get even spicier in The Finals Season 3. Speaking about the future of its acclaimed FPS game, Embark Studios’ co-founder Rob Runesson reveals the one tier that is missing from The Finals Ranked playlists right now.

Time is running out before the start of The Finals Season 3, which we could see our first look at during Summer Game Fest 2024. Ahead of the multiplayer game‘s forthcoming update, Runesson teases the addition of Ruby tier to Ranked Leagues in the future. “Ruby has never been in the game, but it looks like this,” Runesson shares on the game’s Discord server.

Currently, Embark’s ever-popular FPS game only contains Ranked tiers for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Progressing through them depends on your initial placement, which is decided after eight games of Ranked Leagues mayhem. In return for your blood, sweat, and tears, you’ll unlock Ranked-exclusive rewards like golden weaponry skins and charms displaying your sheer mastery of The Finals classes. Take a look at Ruby tier for yourself below.

The Finals Ranked Leagues Ruby: An image of the Ruby tier for The Finals ranked.

It is unclear where Ruby would be placed in the Ranked Leagues’ pantheon, but we reckon it’d make a neat addition between Platinum and Diamond. The improvement of Ranked Leagues and Tournaments is on Embark’s radar, alongside tweaks to using your VRs more efficiently and melee combat overhauls. In a recent Reddit AMA session, Runesson says that “Tournaments are a core part of The Finals, and we are working on some cool and exciting changes coming already in Season 3.”

While Quick Cash the current format of Ranked Leagues, I’d love to see other game modes incorporated into a more competitive, and let’s be honest, sweatier playlist. I can only imagine the sheer chaos and thrills that Ranked Power Shift could introduce into the game. Season 2 is set to finish on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, so there isn’t long until we find out what Embark has in store for PS5 and Xbox players.

In the meantime, Embark has added more time to collect your Terminal Attack rewards, as well as a brand-new community event to defeat 7 million enemies for a limited-time cosmetic reward. Additionally, the Masters Circuit challenges are now live and this sleek AKM skin is worth grinding for.

The Finals Ranked Leagues: An image of the Ranked tiers in The Finals.

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