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The Finals Season 3 likely to debut at SGF, so here’s what to expect

With The Finals Season 3 hot on the horizon, it looks like Embark Studios is getting ready for a gnarly reveal at Summer Game Fest 2024.

The Finals Season 3 Summer Game Fest: An image of a contestant in The Finals and a survivor in ARC Raiders.

The Finals is closing in on the end of Season 2 soon, but there’s still plenty of momentum propelling Embark’s shooter forward. The Finals Season 3 could be the biggest update for PS5 and Xbox players yet, and I’m exceptionally eager to see what it all looks like. Now, Embark Studios is confirmed to appear in some capacity at Summer Game Fest 2024, making it the ideal time for a Season 3 reveal…and maybe some ARC Raiders gameplay too?

In a recent social media post, Summer Game Fest lists its initial roster of studios set to make an appearance, and Embark has sneakily landed a spot on there. The Finals Season 2 is set to conclude on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, which is just a few days after SGF on Friday, June 7, 2024. It looks like to me that we’ll get our first trailer there, but what exactly can PS5 and Xbox players look forward to in the next chapter of this gloriously addictive multiplayer game?

Well, I’ve been counting down the days until The Finals’ next season arrives, not because Season 2 is losing my interest (it’s ace), but because Embark appears to be cooking up some serious improvements. Ranging from more reasons to spend your VRs to Ranked play tweaks, Season 3 could launch in a very strong position. With Terminal Attack and Power Shift showcasing Embark’s ability to add a creative spin on tried-and-tested modes from rival FPS games, Season 3 should prove no different in that regard.

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Season 3 is also the perfect time to unleash vehicles into the game, a feature that was previously teased by Embark last November, before the game even dropped. As for Season 3’s theme and lore content, admittedly, I think Embark will have a tough task of topping Season 2’s synthwave paradise. Whatever The Finals looks like aesthetically next will depend on how the game show evolves.

Currently, the in-game factions of hacker group CNS and sponsor VAIIYA have been battling it out in Terminal Attack. CNS are still a threat to the game show, but The Finals’ announcer duo of Scotty and June appear to have taken a shine to them. After all, it’s all brilliant entertainment for us viewers at home.

There’s so much to get hyped about, but Embark could also have some other surprises up its sleeves too. Perhaps we’ll get a definitive ARC Raiders release date? The promising PvPvE shooter could be a blast if it has the same level of polish as The Finals. It has been two years since the ARC Raiders reveal trailer, and we haven’t heard much since then. Fingers crossed that Summer Game Fest gives us a juicy preview.

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