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Early The Finals footage shows this major feature is still missing

This early The Finals gameplay reveals a promising (and seemingly scrapped) feature that would create the ultimate heist experience.

The Finals vehicles: A feminine character wearing a cap and holding a weapon up. To the left is a red Vespa scooter.

The Finals is one of the hottest FPS titles on PS5 and Xbox right now with its fast-paced, destructive action that can’t be found anywhere else. However, despite all the new content it’s added, the game is yet to deliver a big feature that was teased in very early gameplay footage: vehicles.

Revealed in a short clip back in 2021 – which was before it was even officially announced – The Finals was originally set to include vehicles, such as a sleek vintage car and scooter. In the video, we see players whizzing through the streets in a high-speed chase. It certainly fits right in with the chaotic and competitive nature of the FPS game.

Evidently, this idea was scrapped by Embark Studios prior to launch, likely because vehicles would have taken away from the slick movement options that players now rely on to navigate the maps. Nevertheless, it’s a shame that we won’t be getting any Crazy Taxi action in The Finals, at least not anytime soon. Paired with the remarkable destruction physics, there would be nothing else quite like driving a truck through a building to expose the objective.

The Finals vehicles: A screenshot of a Twitter post by Embark Studios with a paused video below showing vehicle gameplay.

While vehicles aren’t currently in the game, it’s an idea that’s quite popular among the community for a new mode. The bank-heist style of The Finals lends itself very well to a get-away type mode, with players able to race around the map with the cash-out in tow, being chased by motorbikes. Vehicles would be yet another traversal feature and environmental hazard players would have to look out for – or use to their advantage.

This early footage also reveals a number of other missing features and items, including a stylish katana melee weapon, which we hope arrives in the future.

Though Embark is yet to comment on this forgotten feature, it’s unlikely that vehicles will ever see the light of day; you’ll have to stick to the best racing games on PS5 and Xbox for now. That’s not to say there’s not great content on the way though, with The Finals easing its grueling XP grind and Season 2 leaks pointing towards strange new additions to the free-to-play FPS.