The Finals update eases its gruelling XP grind ahead of Season 2

New The Finals patch notes detail great changes to the XP system, making it easier for PS5 and Xbox players to blast through the battle pass.

New The Finals Update: An image of a contestant in the finals.

You need to put in some serious elbow grease to level up in The Finals, but it doesn’t have to be a complete slog to rise up the ranks. Embark Studios is rolling out a new The Finals update across PS5 and Xbox platforms, and the patch notes are particularly promising this time around. Prepare to get back in the arena, because earning XP just became a lot easier.

Compared to the likes of some of the best FPS games out there, The Finals is pretty unforgiving when it comes to progression. While this adds longevity to the growing shooter, getting all those sweet cosmetics could take up to 59 days to acquire – we did the maths. Embark Studios details that “with several adjustments to how XP is earned” players can now tackle the battle pass and career ranks with ease.

Specifically, the studio provides an in-depth list of exactly what values are changed in-game. With only one reduction in the patch notes, there are a total of eleven increases to XP given, including boosts for when you’re stealing the Cash Out or completing your weekly contracts. Here’s what you can expect when you boot up:

The Finals update: An image of the progression changes in the finals patch notes.

It’s a pretty great set of changes, and should make it far easier to feel like levelling up is worth your time. While you take advantage of these XP values, you can also use improved communications, as Embark Studios clarifies that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is now enabled by default for players on PS5, Xbox, and PC. 

This means that voice chat will be present in all matches, allowing you to talk with random players more easily – if you want to. Alternatively, you change this in the game’s settings, while also using the new ‘Play Again’ toggle to get straight into the action after a match concludes. 

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The Finals continue to be one of the best multiplayer games available, and these leaks for Season 2 signal that there are big things on the horizon for the fictitious game show.