The Finals leak hints at strange Season 2 content for free-to-play FPS

The Finals Season 2 isn't far away for PS5 and Xbox, and new The Finals leaks are signalling exciting changes for this free-to-play FPS.

The Finals Season 2 Leaks: An image of The Finals contestant.

The Finals completely took many players, and us, by surprise when it dropped at the end of last year. Now, we’re heading toward the end of Season 1, having secured plenty of Cash Outs and awesome cosmetics too. The Finals Season 2 is fast approaching, and Embark Studios is yet to lift the curtain on what surprises are in store, though this new datamine could be a strong hint of what’s to come.

There is still so much to learn about the world of The Finals, one of the best FPS games on PS5 and Xbox right now. Embark Studios continues to piecemeal tidbits of lore into the wild, but the game’s fictitious sponsors remain faceless entities. The Finals Season 2 could change this, as a new datamine discovered by ‘coyotepetersun’ on Reddit teases a world beyond the game show. The video includes the announcer Scotty bidding viewers goodbye, but the video feed is soon cut off.

The voice of fellow announcer June claims unseen character Sofia “has enough on her plate with the recent hacks.” Scotty claims it is only a “glitch”, but June believes that a hacker is leaving messages for competitors to discover in the arena. It’s an exciting clip that finally fleshes out The Finals’ atmosphere beyond its game modes, and we’ve even spotted a hidden message ourselves in the video.

I found this when looking through the game files, it was just added in today’s update
byu/coyotepetersun inthefinals

If you pause the video precisely at 0:36, you’ll see the following message: “Seek the truth beyond the walls.” Just before it, another cryptic phrase says “one night, three dawns. See the signs.” Both of these are very, very easy to miss as they appear super fast on-screen. However, if you put your trigger finger to use like you do with The Finals classes, you’ll be fine. Furthermore, heading over to Holtow’s official website now displays a very sporadic graphic mimicking digital glitches.

It sounds like Embark Studios is planning to include new The Finals maps outside of the current arenas, and that could have drastic implications for The Finals’ game show-inspired format. As we know, The Finals is a Hunger Games-style entertainment show in a dystopian future, where players battle using virtual reality technology – ensuring there aren’t any fatalities. However, if we’re going beyond the arena walls, this sounds like a new game mode in the real world could be in the works.

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Other leaks for The Finals claim some very electrifying changes are coming too, and it could tie into this mysterious video. Until then, don’t forget to claim your free The Finals rewards in the brand-new limited-time game mode.