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You need to claim these free rewards for The Finals on PS5 now

Embark Studios is giving away free rewards for The Finals right now, but sadly for Xbox players, only PS5 owners are getting in on the fun here.

The Finals VOLPE Immersion Bundle PS Plus: an image of the finals free rewards on ps5.

The Finals boasts an array of dazzling cosmetics to acquire, but like any live-service PS5 shooter, you’ll need to part ways with your real-life cash to get them. However, that isn’t the case for players with a PS Plus subscription. Embark Studios is kicking off its run of PS5 exclusive bundles with free skins for The Finals players, leaving Xbox on the sidelines. 

You need to do yourself a favor and head over to the PlayStation Store immediately to get your hands on the VOLPE Immersion bundle. That’s because you can get a total of six new skins for The Finals, all of them sporting a minimalist yet slick colorway. You’ll find yourself using these on the following weapons and gadgets: The Goo Gun, Stun Gun, Sword, SA1216 Shotgun, Guardian Turret, and Riot Shield.

This new skin isn’t going for anything outrageous like recent Modern Warfare 3 skins, and actually gives you some insight into the game’s lore. According to the PS Plus description for the free skin set, Embark Studios explains that this is “an exclusive bundle from VOLPE CEO Mackenzie Lapis to ensure you’re fully present in each and every match.”

The Finals VOLPE Immersion Bundle: An image of the finals free skins on PS5.

For those of you yet to play one of the best FPS games around, The Finals itself is a deadly Hunger Games-style game show, which is sponsored by several fictitious brands. We’re yet to actually see who is behind them in-game, but this additional nugget of information makes this PS5 bundle all the more intriguing. 

VOLPE translates to ‘Fox’ in Italian, an aspect depicted in the brand’s logo, and the company is behind the VR technology that allows teams to compete in The Finals. Alongside this, its presence can be seen a lot on The Finals map Skyway Stadium, as VOLPE sponsors this particular arena. 

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If you’re subbed to PS Plus, you can claim the VOLPE immersion bundle right now. Sadly, it looks like it will remain a PS5 exclusive reward for the foreseeable future. However, Xbox and PS5 players can both enjoy other free skins, thanks to this new limited-time game mode