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The Finals update brings free cosmetics in new LTM mode, but act fast

The Finals free skins are on the cards in its new 1.6.0 update, as Embark offers up two new ways for PS5 and Xbox players to improve their drip.

The Finals free cosmetics new update: a man in a black mask and blue jacket holding an RPG

The Finals mid-season update 1.6.0 is now live, and its brand-new limited-time mode Steal the Spotlight offers up a chance for you to grab your fair share of loot for participating on PS5 and Xbox. From now until Wednesday, February 14, there are six free The Finals cosmetics on the line, so it’s time to lock and load.

Following the ruleset of solo Bank It, Steal the Spotlight retains the deposit-based win condition of the base mode. However, here you’re on your own, and developer Embark has added lots of defensive measures – namely turrets and tripwires – to make squirreling away your hard-fought coins as difficult as possible. You’ll also only have access to a single, preset loadout, so you’ll have to make do with what you’ve got.

If you’re able to prove you’re the top dog in one of the best FPS games around, then there are some tidy free cosmetics in it for you. In fact, you don’t even need to be the best to unlock the set – the event contracts are very generous, and at most should only require 12 rounds of Steal the Spotlight to complete.

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Here are the Steal the Spotlight event contracts:

  • Play one round of Steal the Spotlight: Feet
  • Earn 5,000 cash in Steal the Spotlight: Lower Back
  • Eliminate five opponents with the Lewis Gun: Lower Body
  • Eliminate five opponents with the SA1216: Hands
  • Eliminate three opponents using Charge ‘N’ Slam: Upper Body
  • Play 12 rounds of Steal the Spotlight: Headware

Steal the Spotlight isn’t the only new way for you to scoop up rewards. Embark’s added ten new career levels, raising the cap to 50 and introducing fresh threads in the process. These include some sweet-looking cargos, a headphone/beanie combination, and a clean hoodie jacket.

By the looks of the patch notes, The Finals 1.6.0 could be one of Embark’s best updates yet. Between its balance tweaks, quality-of-life changes, and slew of bug fixes, the studio is certainly keeping its finger on the pulse of what players are craving.

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