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The Finals PS5 trophies prove you need to be a better team player

The Finals is all about working as a team, and clearly you need to get better at collaborating with other PS5 and Xbox FPS players.

The Finals PS5 and Xbox achievements

If there’s one thing about The Finals that drives every player mad, it is the lack of proper team coordination. Securing the Cash Out or emerging as the Bank It winner is a group effort, and a great Medium player knows that keeping your squad alive with the Healing Beam is key. Well, that is if you pay attention to your teammates. Across PS5 and Xbox, trophy and achievement data confirms The Finals needs better healers.

According to True Achievements and PSN Profiles, there’s a clear lack of skilled Medium players using the Healing Beam in The Finals. Even though The Finals has been available for over a month, that is plenty of time to accumulate a total of 25,000 HP through healing other players. This unlocks the ‘Resident Doctor’ trophy, but both sites state that only 5% of Xbox players have fulfilled this. Conversely, PS5 owners have contributed to 7.10% of players with this trophy acquired.

The Loadout team has put in plenty of hours collectively into The Finals, and we reckon this lack of Healing Beam goodness is down to one factor: the Guardian Turret. Stepping into any match will quickly reveal a grizzly fate at the hand of this Medium-class ability, as its unwavering aim is often attributed to losing. It can be even more excruciating when multiple Medium players stack them in small areas. Or, if your squad is trying to treat each match like a Call of Duty game.

The Finals PS5 trophies: An image of True Achievements and PSN Profiles

While it can be annoying to enter the arena without an amazing healer, it is far less aggravating than the thought of an invisible Light player sending you to a digital grave. However, a recent patch to The Finals has changed some elements of how the Cloaking Device works. Elsewhere, other PS5 and Xbox achievement data specifies that many players are still yet to complete 150 rounds as each of The Finals classes.

With exciting updates potentially on the horizon for Season 2, we wonder whether this statistic will be drastically higher by the time it arrives. At present, the figure for each platform is exceptionally minuscule, to the point where it is barely worth each site counting. We’ve found in our time the game, which is one of the best FPS games out there, that earning achievements is quite easy. If you like hunting down Platinum trophies on PS5, this is a new PS5 game to put on your radar.

The Finals trophies achievements PS5 Xbox

So, while you get to work on improving your healing skills, we’ve been busy thinking about the future of The Finals. Here are the real-life locations we want to see in new The Finals maps.