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The Finals leak hints at electrifying new modifiers for PS5 and Xbox

New The Finals leaks suggest that fresh in-match events are coming to PS5 and Xbox, potentially as part of Embark’s imminent “exciting” update.

The Finals new modifiers ps5 xbox

We’re officially one month into The Finals, the growing FPS hit from Embark Studios. Though the game’s battle pass still has over 60 days left, we’re wondering how Embark will keep its acclaimed shooter fresh in the meantime. Well, it looks like PS5 and Xbox players can look forward to significant changes in the near future, as leaks unearth modifiers that are going to jolt the pace of gunfights – literally.

The Finals leaker ‘xaxa’ continues to sleuth around the game’s files, and their recent findings detail new events that will potentially be implemented soon. It is unknown whether these modifiers are scrapped content or if they are waiting in the wings for deployment, but the following in-game events were discovered in voice files shared by xaxa: Star Power and Love of Thor.

Star Power already sounds as intense as current events like Alien Invasion, as the unnamed announcer says: “Watch and run! Who will die? Who will fly? […] it’s a bird, it’s a plane, oh it’s just our contestants moving faster and jumping higher.”

It also sounds like it will buff traversal for every player in the match, increasing the intensity of those last minute clutches to secure the Cash Out. We’re also interested to learn the identity of this particular announcer, as it doesn’t sound like current presenters June and Scotty. Furthermore, this excitable announcer appears to be a genuine human vocal performance, as opposed to the usage of AI tool ElevenLabs, using elements of voice talent, for other voices in the game.

Additionally, this same announcer is used to introduce the Love of Thor modifier. Commentary for this mode includes over-the-top declarations of “oh, looks like we have enraged the God of Thunder!” and “talk about dropping the hammer, look at that lightning!” Again, movement speed is mentioned, as players can anticipate to move “as fast as lightning” in the arena.

Love of Thor sounds like it will affect matches similarly to the Meteor Shower event, which bombards the arena with gigantic space rock formations. Star Power does seem a little worrying, though. Given how agile light players are already, it might be even harder for the other The Finals classes to keep up. Especially if Light players continue to fool you with the Invisibility Cloak ability. It sounds like these events will spice up encounters, and it may lead to bigger content – at least that is what Embark Studios is teasing.

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The Finals patch notes mention that “we have another bigger update in the works for next week, with a major security fix and some new exciting content.” We doubt new maps are coming this soon after launch, but if fresh parameters for each game mode are introduced, it could be enough to tide players over in one of the best FPS games on PS5 and Xbox. Use the best The Finals controller settings, too, and you’ll almost be as good as ‘shroud‘- well, maybe.