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The Finals players need to be using this essential PS5 and Xbox trick

Switching gadgets in The Finals can cost you heavily, but this overlooked PS5 and Xbox controller trick will help you secure the Cash Out.

The Finals controller settings ps5 xbox

With a plethora of gadgets and equipment to use in The Finals, it can be easy to make a mistake in the heat of battle. We’ve all been there – you want to send your foes to the digital afterlife with a Pyro Grenade, only to accidentally pull out Goo Grenades instead. Well, what if we told you that you can easily avoid these annoying errors with this awesome PS5 and Xbox controller setting that you probably didn’t know existed.

No matter which of The Finals classes you prefer, the controller input is the same, leaving you open to repeatedly encounter this obstacle. However, thanks to this nifty tip that YouTuber and Twitch streamer ‘TheTwistedJedi’ highlights, you can completely swap out the game’s often clunky weapon wheel for this much sleeker option. You’ll need to access your PS5 or Xbox controller settings in The Finals, until you see the ‘Equipment Wheel’ option, and then switch it to ‘Direction Equipping’.

What this will do is effectively allow you to use the D-Pad on your controller to select which gadget you want, whether it is the Glitch Grenade or Vanishing Bomb. If you find that the default setting is obtrusive to your experience with one of the best FPS games around, then this is a great way to minimize any more elements of the game’s heads-up-display interrupting your flow. 

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This one change alone could make the world of difference for controller players, so we absolutely recommend that you try it out. However, we’re always surprised by the number of players – on console, especially – that haven’t refined their settings. 

Keeping up with those fast-paced keyboard and mouse players on console can be daunting, but if you factor in adjustments for your sensitivity, you’ll be able to deny them any chance of stealing your cash. If you want to take your controller settings one step further, here are some additional tweaks we recommend implementing into your configurations:

Look Sensitivity Horizontal 420
Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier 65%
Focal Length Sensitivity Scaling On
Horizontal Look Boost 225
Vertical Look Boost 0
Look Boost Ramp-up Time 0.5
Zoom Horizontal Look Boost 55
Zoom Vertical Look Boost 50
Zoom Look Boost Ramp-up Time 1
Aiming Inner Deadzone 5
Movement Inner Deadzone 5
Invert Vertical Look Input Off

Now you’re really ready to dominate, especially if you’re heading into tournament matches. If there is one person who knows a thing or two about FPS titles, it is former CSGO pro Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek. Despite the game’s notable success out of the gate, shroud believes the game’s playstyle might be “too much for the COD brain.” Whether it is or not, you can expect new updates from developer Embark Studios soon, as it works to address several issues flagged by the game’s community.

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