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The Finals is “too much for the COD brain”, shroud claims

Twitch star shroud reveals his thoughts on The Finals and how Call of Duty players might be put off by the surprise hit PS5 and Xbox FPS.

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The Finals can get exceptionally hectic during battle and requires more than just your average Call of Duty tactic to secure the Cash Out. Since surpassing over 10 million players shortly after launch, plenty of high-profile FPS players are checking out the Embark Studios FPS, including the likes of Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek. However, they believe COD players aren’t likely to appreciate The Finals – at first.

There’s still a lot to look out for in The Finals, like the new wave of The Finals Twitch Drops. Given that Embark Studios is keeping its roadmap under wraps, curiosity is sure to pique the interest of players getting bored of shooters like Modern Warfare 3. For those making the leap to The Finals, shroud explains that “a lot of people don’t understand this game, it too much for the ‘COD brain’ I think.”

While the former CSGO pro believes this perception is “fine”, he adds that wary players “just need some time, y’know the game is still new.” Responding to queries about the game in his Twitch chat, shroud says that The Finals’ gameplay style “is not too bad, but for someone who hasn’t experienced anything like this, I guess it can be a little confusing.” If you have been playing The Finals, you might be thinking that its gunplay and movement feel familiar – and you’re not wrong.

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Developer Embark Studios consists of former EA DICE talent, the studio responsible for Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge, and the Medal of Honor reboots. The closest you’ll get to replicating anything resembling Call of Duty is by using the Light class, which is the fastest and most agile of The Finals classes.

However, even then it is imperative to abandon the ‘run and gun’ approach that many of the best FPS games out there employ. Teamwork, like Battlefield 2042 and past BF entries, is absolutely essential to getting a win.

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We think that The Finals is a breath of fresh air for the shooter scene, emerging as one of the most promising FPS titles for PS5 and Xbox owners. Though the game has some issues to fix in the coming weeks, the journey to complete The Finals battle pass is still proving to be a blast. And if you are a fan of the cosmetics in The Finals, you may be entitled to this refund on your Multibucks.