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The Finals will refund Xbox and PS5 players that bought epic new skin

If you pulled the trigger on The Finals Holtow Fine Print bundle, PS5 and Xbox players may be eligible for a Multibuck refund from Embark Studios.

The Finals refund holtow fine print

The world of shooters on PS5 and Xbox is littered with all manner of cosmetics, but The Finals seems to be cracking the code when it comes to making good bundles. Embark Studios definitely has a sense of slick style in the fast-paced arena FPS, and this keen attention to detail is reflected in the game’s weaponry too. However, a small error with the new Holtow Fine Print bundle means you might be entitled to get some Multibucks back into your account.

According to a new statement from Embark Studios in The Finals official Discord server, players who have purchased the Holtow Fine Print bundle may have accidentally overpaid. “Whoops! We made an error with the pricing on the Holtow Fine Print weapon skin! It should have been 850 Multibucks from the very beginning,” says an Embark Studios representative. The Holtow Fine Print bundle furnishes the Uzi with a skin that prints receipts, directly naming the player you just killed. 

The studio is working fast to replenish the balances of players in possession of this nifty weapon skin: “Within the next 48 hours, we will return 250 Multibucks to anyone who purchased the skin for 1100 Multibucks. You don’t have to do anything but wait patiently for the cash to enter your account.” We love this Uzi skin – and you probably will too when you’re dominating across Seoul 2023 or Skyway Stadium – but we love Embark’s transparency and swift action to sort refunds even more.

The Finals refund holtow fine print

In combination with the Elvis-inspired outfit from The Finals battle pass, you could make quite the statement to your enemies with the Holtow Fine Print bundle. While The Finals roadmap isn’t clear just yet, we wonder just how wild the developer will get with future cosmetics.

There are already clear allusions to Bruce Lee’s attire in Game of Death and nods to 2019 horror-comedy Ready or Not. What will Embark Studios reference next? It doesn’t seem like big and flashy crossovers akin to Fortnite are on the cards for The Finals, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you do fancy getting your hands on this bundle, it is live in the store now, though you’ll need to play as the Light class to use the Uzi.

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Out of the gate, The Finals is stacking up as one of the best FPS games you can play right now. Thanks to the game’s crossplay across PS5 and Xbox, you can join your buddies in the arena, no matter what platform you choose to bear arms on.

We think The Finals is a refreshing addition to the FPS scene, giving rivals like Modern Warfare 3 a real run for their money. Though, we do wish The Finals players would stop playing the game like Call of Duty players.