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Latest The Finals patch notes are bad news for Light players

It's a joyous time to enter the arena, as The Finals patch notes confirm this delicious nerf for Light players spamming Invisibility.

The Finals patch notes light nerfs cloaking device

Embark Studios is rolling out a major update for The Finals on PS5 and Xbox, bringing the game’s first solo mode and a swathe of fixes to players. We’re excited, not just because of Solo Bank It, but because Light players are staring down the barrel of a nerf gun. Though, it isn’t a foam dart targeting them. After weeks of annoying virtually everyone playing the hit FPS, the Cloaking Device is finally getting its abilities reduced. 

Many of the best FPS games out there have teething issues, and the persistent case of Light players abusing the mechanics of the Cloaking Device is one such obstacle facing PS5 and Xbox players. Well, not anymore, as Embark Studios confirms in the latest The Finals patch notes that the Cloaking Device will see an “increased activation cost from 1s to 2s.” Furthermore, the developer is ensuring that the time to replenish the ability is also fairly balanced in The Finals. This is done by increasing the “minimum required charge time to activate from 1.5s to 2.5s.”

The patch is now live in-game, which means you can hop into a game right now without the peril of an unseen foe mowing you down into a pile of coins. We expect this to be quite a blow for those of you refining your classes, as the Cloaking Device has cultivated a meta surrounding it within the Light class. Due to the previously quick recharging time, duration of the ability, and agile nature of the Light class, it can be a devastating combo that often costs you a successful Cash Out.

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Not to mention that this can also be aided by the usage of the Vanishing Bombs gadget, which also provides temporary cloaking for your teammates. However, The Finals players are crafty, and we suspect that something else will take its place. The Evasive Dash ability could soon fill the void, and we’ve had success in our matches using it, especially alongside the Sword as our primary weapon.

You can put that to use in Solo Bank It, a new 12v12 arena variation of the popular multiplayer mode. You’ll still be competing to gather $40,000 before the timer is up, and it’ll be just as intense in these smaller circumstances.

We are surprised to see that previous The Finals leaks aren’t confirmed in these patch notes, though, as new in-game events could soon be on the horizon. Let’s get some The Finals merch in the works before then, too.

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