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Get The Finals’ slick Terminal Attack rewards before it’s too late

The Finals’ Terminal Attack rewards won’t be around for long in Embark’s PS5 and Xbox shooter, so level up your drip before it’s too late.

The Finals Terminal Attack rewards: An image of the VAIIYA and CNS contestants in The Finals Terminal Attack.

The Finals’ brand-new game mode is live now, as The Finals Terminal Attack brings good old-fashioned Search & Destroy fun to Embark’s shooter. You’ll need to adapt to the mode’s tougher rules, but all The Finals Terminal Attack rewards are worth the grind. Time is ticking, though, so don’t hesitate to complete the mode’s special contracts.

While your standard contracts in The Finals refresh on a weekly or daily basis, Embark’s fresh wave of Terminal Attack contracts are only around until Wednesday, May 22, 2024. That’s not far away at all, but the good news is that it probably won’t take you long to complete them. There are a total of six contracts to complete, and they’re among some of the easiest you’ll find in one of the best FPS games available right now. I’ve already blasted through several myself, having only played a handful of matches of the new mode so far.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Play 2 matches with a Light Build in Terminal Attack (Unlocks VAIIYA hat)
  • Play 2 matches with a Medium Build in Terminal Attack (Unlocks CNS face paint)
  • Play 2 matches with a Heavy Build in Terminal Attack (Unlocks VAIIYA jacket)
  • Play 10 matches of Terminal Attack (Unlocks ‘Call Me’ Emote)
  • Win 1 round as a defender in Terminal Attack (Unlocks VAIIYA weapon sticker)
  • Win 1 round as an attacker in Terminal Attack (Unlocks CNS spray)

The Finals Terminal Attack rewards: An image of the The Finals Terminal Attack event rewards.

If there’s one thing that The Finals masters above rival multiplayer games, then it is the superb cosmetics Embark keeps cooking up. This batch of CNS and VAIIYA themed clothing is another slick addition ready to land in your virtual locker, but what IRL drip? Well, it looks like The Finals merch might actually be on the cards.

In a recent conversation on the game’s Discord server, Embark Studios’ co-founder Rob Runneson teases that “it’s on its way (but we will not sell stuff to make money, just to spread the love).”

It sounds like you can expect the first merch drop to go live in the near future, too. “[We] will try to get it live within the next couple of weeks, we are a pretty small team, and we focus on the game first [and foremost],” adds Runesson. Look, if there’s a slick CNS long-sleeve or merch paying tribute to everyone’s favorite announcer, Scotty, then my wallet  is already in danger.

The Finals Merch: An image of Embark co-founder Rob Runesson discussing The Finals merch on discord.

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