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New The Finals update makes this meta weapon even more deadly

The Finals' new update is live now on PS5 and Xbox, and it makes the FCAR even more powerful than before with these vital changes.

The Finals update FCAR buff: An image of two contestants in The Finals Season 2.

The Finals is unleashing its brand-new mid-season update across PS5 and Xbox right now, which includes the debut of Call of Duty-style mode Terminal Attack. There’s plenty to be excited about as we approach Season 3, but Embark’s latest The Finals update is a godsend for players brandishing the almighty FCAR assault rifle in battle. Now, this powerful meta weapon is better than ever.

Like many of the best FPS games, a clear meta exists among The Finals’ guns and gadgets. The true king of The Finals is the FCAR, a Medium class-exclusive assault rifle that can melt enemies quickly. However, the weapon sacrifices a higher magazine capacity in exchange for its stopping power. The latest patch notes indicate this is no more, as Embark Studios clarifies that it has “increased [the] magazine size from 20 to 25.”

This means that the FCAR is now only 11 bullets short of meeting the AKM’s 36-round magazine, and will provide you a better chance of surviving gunfights. We’ve often been caught in gunfights where the last bullet is the difference between life and death, and running dry was a common issue with the FCAR during intense skirmishes. While the weapon’s base damage has been reduced from 25 to 22 in Embark’s excellent multiplayer game, the FCAR is now equipped to deal better damage from afar.

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“[We have] increased the fall-off damage multiplier at max range from 50% to 55%, meaning the weapon does slightly more damage at range,” Embark says in The Finals patch notes. Surprisingly, the FCAR is the only weapon receiving balancing changes this time around, but there’s a notable reason for it.

The studio explains that its “data shows us that the FCAR is very strong in the hands of good players, but harder to use for newer players.” To lower the skill ceiling for the FCAR, Embark believes the aforementioned changes “hopefully rein in the weapon’s power at higher skill levels, while making it slightly more forgiving to use for newer players.”

It won’t be long before even more people start using his potent AR in battle, but we reckon there is still a case to use the AKM. With some well-placed shots and the confidence to push your enemies, the AKM’s larger magazine regularly cuts down other The Finals classes without too much resistance.

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You can put your skills to the test with either weapon in the game’s brand-new Terminal Attack mode, Embark’s own spin on Call of Duty’s Search & Destroy. Terminal Attack is live now, and takes place over the course of seven rounds, with some pretty brutal rules:

  • No healing
  • No revives
  • Gadgets don’t regenerate
  • Health is limited to 100 HP
  • Destruction is carried across every round

With fresh cosmetics, two extra battle pass pages, and contracts to complete, there’s still tons of fun left to have in The Finals Season 2.

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