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The Finals’ new neon-drenched AKM is too good not to grind for

The Finals continues to throw down the drip gauntlet, as the Masters Circuit challenges features this sleek new AKM design to grind for.

The Finals Masters Circuit challenges: An image of the Kinetic Flare AKM skin in The Finals.

Aside from bagging up all that dough, The Finals lets you flex on your opponents with the ultimate weapon: fashion. But that doesn’t just mean suiting up with Embark Studios’ finest threads, you also need a sporty looking weapon to drive the message home. The latest The Finals update introduces the Masters Circuit, and grinding these elite challenges will reward with the slickest AKM skin yet.

If you’ve already bagged all those The Finals Terminal Attack rewards, then the Masters Circuit is where you need to focus your attention next. In Embark’s recent update for the dripped-up FPS game, The Finals adds its last wave of Career Circuit challenges ahead of Season 3, and the ultimate reward is the Kinetic Flare AKM skin. Soaked in neon, bathed in purple, and primed for victory, this is undoubtedly one of the most stylish weapon skins in The Finals yet.

However, not every PS5 and Xbox player can get instant access to the Masters Circuit. You’ll need to have completed every Career Circuit that has come before it in Embark’s furiously fast-paced multiplayer game. Luckily, all the challenges can be ticked simply by playing the game, although rare occasions will require you to jump into Power Shift for a few rounds. On the flip-side, it might take you a while if you haven’t made some progress already. From my own experience completing all the previous Career Circuits, I reckon it’ll probably take you around 30 hours to get them all done from scratch.

The Finals Masters Circuit: An image of the Kinetic Flare AKM skin in The Finals.

At the time of writing, the first set of Masters Circuit challenges are live, so here’s what you can expect to check off your list:

  • Deal 15,000 damage with a Medium Build
  • Deal 3,000 damage from 75 meters away or more
  • Destroy 30 gadgets or specializations deployed by opponents
  • Eliminate 10 opponents using Quick Melee
  • Deal 1,500 damage to opponents with fire
  • Steal a cashout in progress 10 times
  • Get 6 eliminations in one round

The Kinetic Flare skin is animated too, but isn’t overly flashy like anything you’d find currently in shooter rivals like Modern Warfare 3. It’ll pair well with the new additions to The Finals’ battle pass, specifically that gloriously golden OSPUZE jacket. Turn that into real-life The Finals merch please, Embark. The addition of Career Circuits has been a great way to keep players coming back, and it has consumed a lot of my time over the last few weeks. The things we do in the name of style, eh?

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