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The Finals’ goth skin has arrived, please be normal about it

The Finals’ new store update adds a drop of spice to Embark’s shooter with tasty weapon skins and the debut of the Darque Mood goth skin.

The Finals Goth Skin: An image of the Darque Mood skin in The Finals and the group CNS.

The Finals’ latest store update is a special one for fans of Embark’s PS5 and Xbox shooter. After making a brief appearance in the first Season 2 trailer, The Finals goth skin is now available to bring into the arena. While the game’s community is excited about its debut, to say the least, Embark is also taking us to flavor town with one particularly fresh weapon skin.

Instead of listening to the excellent The Finals soundtrack, it’s time to throw on The Cure or some Bauhaus. Embark’s popular FPS game launches the Darque Mood bundle today, a goth-themed skin bundle that has garnered a considerable amount of hype since the launch of The Finals Season 2 (you can probably guess why). Now that this bundle is live, some players over on the game’s subreddit are more than a little excited.

“The goth mommy skin is here!” declares ‘Lorant_gaming’, as a chorus of appreciative PS5 and Xbox players join in to celebrate the occasion. Some fans of the hit multiplayer game are so grateful that they’re hyping up Embark’s status to otherworldly heights, as ‘thatMFcheezer’ adds, “God is real, and he works at Embark Studios.” While the Darque Mood bundle is certainly another dripped-up addition to The Finals, I’ll personally be keeping my eyes out for something inspired by the 90s grunge movement. Give me some red flannel, Dr. Martens boots, and a Fender Jaguar-type skin for the Heavy class Sledgehammer, and I’ll be in true nirvana.

The Finals goth skin: An image of the Darque Mood skin in The Finals.

Beyond the arrival of The Finals’ “goth mommy”, you can bring the heat to your opposition with a new skin for the Flamethrower. I think it’s a universal constant that everyone owns a flame pattern bowling shirt in their life. I know I did when I was cutting up the dance floor to the Cha Cha Slide at school discos as a kid. With some major Guy Fieri vibes underpinning this skin, we can all take a trip to a digital flavor town.

This bundle arrives at an exciting time for The Finals, as we’re approaching the start of Season 3. Embark is likely to reveal more about the next major update soon, too, and you can ask any burning questions you have in this Reddit AMA.

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What I need to know, above all else, is where are The Finals’ vehicles? Cars were teased in early footage for the game, but I’m still yet to see them arrive. Hopefully, Season 3 will be the time and the place.

The Finals Dragon's Breath skin: An image of the flamethrower in The Finals.

In related The Finals news, you don’t have long to claim all The Finals’ Terminal Attack rewards, and this meta weapon is deadlier than ever thanks to a recent patch.