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The Finals’ soundtrack actually slaps, and it’s now on Spotify

The Finals' music is unbelievably awesome, and now you can blast all those catchy tunes loud on Spotify to your heart's content.

The Finals Spotify Soundtrack: An image of a contestant in The Finals.

Competing in The Finals requires a certain type of energy to get the juice flowing, and Embark Studios knows this as soon as you boot up the game on PS5 and Xbox. The Finals soundtrack is full of electronica bangers that prepare us for stealing the Cash Out, and now, you can listen to it anywhere you want thanks to Spotify.

It seemed odd to us that Embark Studios didn’t immediately upload the excellent music for The Finals to streaming platforms upon the game’s launch. Whether you’re changing your selection of The Finals weapons or tweaking the setup of your The Finals classes, each song pulsates with synth-laden hooks and punchy drum samples. Clocking in at just under 19 minutes, the official The Finals soundtrack contains ten tracks, and you’ll be eager to play one of the best multiplayer games around by the time it ends.

All the tracks are composed by Swedish electronic artist Sailor & I, making the collaboration a perfect pairing given Embark Studios’ Swedish foundations. It’s great to be able to hear lesser-heard songs on the soundtrack, as the game’s menus often rotate the same few songs – although, we don’t mind that. The delay in getting The Finals soundtrack up on Spotify could simply be a result of timing, or further care has been taken by the studio and Sailor & I to master and mix the album specifically for digital streaming.

We’ve already listened to the soundtrack multiple times through PreSonus studio monitors, and it sounds absolutely immense. It’d be great to see the soundtrack get a spatial audio mix on Apple Music, given how many subtle layers of synths are hiding within the mix.

Could there be even more bangers on the horizon, though? Well, with The Finals Season 2 fast approaching, it seems like a strong possibility for one of the best FPS games you can play right now. There’s still time to complete The Finals battle pass in the build up to the major update, although it is missing some epic looking items.

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It appears that the next season could take the action into the real world, which would prove to be pretty spicy in a new The Finals map. There’s even missing features from the game’s trailer still to arrive, and we hope that they haven’t been left on Embark’s shelf.