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Why The Finals might break free from its gameshow shackles in Season 2

The Finals Season 2 could make a radical change to the Xbox and PS5 shooter, as these The Finals skins tease a battle beyond the arena.

The Finals Season 2 theory: An image of a The Finals contestant.

The Finals is nearing the launch of a new season, and it’ll be a make-or-break moment for the popular Xbox and PS5 shooter. A new skin bundle appears to tease what’s next for The Finals Season 2, and it could mean battling outside the arena walls in a “real life” scenario.

Recent The Finals Season 2 leaks suggest that a world beyond the game show is on the cards, and it could have electrifying consequences, too. If you head to the in-game store for the scintillating FPS game, you’ll find the new Virtual Extension skin bundle. In any other shooter like Modern Warfare 3, these skins would be commonplace, but these look a little too realistic for The Finals. Most The Finals weapons are adorned with colorful, fantastical skins, but these look like something you’d find in a war-torn arena from the Battlefield series – games that Embark Studios’ staff have a notable history with.

Looking closer at the bundle’s descriptions, each gun comes with the following summary: “A weapon skin that brings the real world to your virtual world.” It feels very deliberate to mention the “real world”, given that the premise of The Finals is all about its bombastic game show concept. Maybe it’s an indicator that more realistic skins are coming. Or, maybe it’s teasing that we could be escaping our current slate of The Finals maps to battle in the real world.

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This is compounded by a new teaser discovered by the game’s community. In the recently unearthed footage, in-game announcer Scotty says that an unknown force is “starting to draw attention away from the contestants.” Furthermore, fellow announcer June says that “the messages tend to appear at big matches.” With The Finals set in a dystopian future, it sounds to us like a rogue organization, seemingly called ‘CNS’, is eager to dismantle the game show and liberate its contestants.

CNS also stands for Central Nervous System, too. Given that The Finals is a virtual reality based game show where contestants don’t suffer actual damage, perhaps this organization is attempting to disrupt The Finals’ in-universe VR tech.

The Finals Season 2 theory: an image of the virtual extension The Finals skin.

We’ll just have to see what Season 2 has in store. If we do break free and start cashing out in the real world, we could also see this missing feature if we’re lucky.