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The Finals is still missing this awesome Call of Duty style skin

The Finals Season 1 is still underway and one epic skin from the PS5 and Xbox FPS trailer is missing, and it is ideal for COD Zombies fans.

The Finals ray gun

The Finals continues to debut impeccable cosmetics, whether is it through the item store or complete the battle pass. There’s something for any kind of contestant, but one skin in particular it still absent from the hit Xbox and PS5 shooter. We know it exists, though, and it could be perfect for Call of Duty Zombies fans. That’s because it is essentially Embark Studio’s version of the Ray Gun.

It doesn’t look like the weapon made by Dr. Ludvig Maxis in Call of Duty lore, though. This is your classic sci-fi aesthetic that Embark Studios is calling upon for The Finals, just like the alien cosmetics found within battle pass. Or on the cover of the first Foo Fighters album. Dave Grohl fan or not, the game’s launch trailer showcases the weapon in action. While the exact pistol it corresponds to is unknown, it is likely to be for the V9S pistol found in the Light class.

Looking at the best The Finals weapons available, it is possible that it may be for the R.357, a powerful revolver that Medium class players can use. We’ve been loving the cowboy inspired cosmetic available for it, as we roam around The Finals maps like a game show outlaw. Curiously, this Ray Gun style skin can actually be found in-game, but you won’t be able to use it just yet.

If you boot up the game’s tutorial level, you can find a display case with the battle pass’s alien clothing items – and the Ray Gun in-hand. That means the assets for it are ready to go, and simply need to be unlocked somehow. This weapon skin isn’t on the battle pass, sadly. So, it is probable that a bundle is coming to the game’s item store.

It is a little disappointing to see this skin not included in the battle pass, considering there is essentially two pages of rewards centered around extraterrestrial mayhem. There’s a concerning precedent to consider here, as this pattern could repeat with future battle passes.

We did the math and completing The Finals battle pass isn’t exactly a short task, so unless you’re consistently chipping away at it, getting your desired items might pass you by. As far as outer space antics go in The Finals, the Alien Invasion game modifier brings U.F.O’s into matches, threatening to disrupt the Cash Out by abducting unsuspecting players.

We are looking forward to seeing how the game’s bundles and customization options evolve. Presently, options for hair/eye color/body type and so forth are basic, so we’d like to see this element expanded and outfitted with a diverse array of new variants. Some beards would be nice too. Perhaps we can expect tweaks related to this in a new The Finals update coming soon, which teases some electrifying changes for one of the best FPS games on PS5 and Xbox.