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The Finals’ dolphin easter egg has more steps to solve before Season 3

The Finals awesome dolphin easter egg was thought to be solved, but there's more to uncover before Embark Studios rolls out Season 3.

The Finals dolphin easter egg charm: An image of a contestant and a dolphin in the finals.

With so much destruction and explosive fun in The Finals to enjoy, it can be easy to overlook the game’s finer details among the chaos. Aside from creating some of the coolest lore in a multiplayer shooter right now, Embark Studios is also hiding plenty of The Finals easter eggs to find. One of which is the dolphin easter egg, which despite initial thoughts, isn’t entirely complete yet.

Upon the launch of Season 2 in The Finals, you may have missed this cute little secret that can be activated in The Finals map SYS$HORIZON. To activate this nifty visual easter egg in Embark’s always thrilling FPS game, you’ll need to follow a specific set of steps, but more on that later. While the easter egg was solved pretty quickly, revealing an 8-bit style dolphin swimming within the depths of the map, Embark co-founder Rob Runesson is teasing players that there are more steps to find.

“I will save you a lot of work, you need to play the game to find that [charm], [the] dolphin charm is not triggered in private,” Runesson says in a recent message on the multiplayer game‘s Discord server. Naturally, PS5 and Xbox players diving the shooter aren’t entirely sure where to start, and Runesson’s additional clues are equally mysterious. Runesson encourages players to think like the aquatic creature, asking them: “What would a dolphin do?”

The Finals dolphin easter egg charm: An image of Embark Rob teasing the dolphin easter egg charm in the finals.

And if that doesn’t make any sense to you, then Runesson says that “you will understand why if you trigger it.” So exactly what is Runesson trying to suggest? Currently, the dolphin easter egg can be triggered by following these steps:

  • Boot up SYS$HORIZON’s 6:00PM sunset variant
  • Find the lettered boxes in SYS$HORIZON, which spell out ‘cetacea’
  • Each player needs to stand on the boxes at the same time and look toward the sunset, you will need seven players to do this
  • Dolphins will then emerge from the water in front of the sunset!

Cetacea for you ocean fanatics out there is the infraorder which dolphins belong to. You learn something new every day. These initial steps were pieced together by easter egg hunters ‘R.Cade’ and ‘RockhoundBlack’ at the start of the Season 2, but they are yet to uncover the means to unlock the aforementioned charm.

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If Runesson’s weren’t enough of a tease, Embark has previously revealed what the charm looks like. See for yourself below, albeit in its inanimate form.

The Finals Dolphin Charm: An image of the Dolphin easter egg charm in The Finals.

There’s still time for the charm to be found before the arrival of The Finals Season 3, but whether SYS$HORIZON stays in the map rotation then is unclear. We reckon the first look at Season 3 will be at Summer Game Fest, as Embark Studios is slated to appear during the presentation.

In related The Finals news, Season 3 may also the addition of all-new Ranked Leagues tier, and Embark teases what improvements are on the cards.