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The Finals’ new update packs major nerfs, buffs, and a tasty XP boost

The Finals kicks off an XP boost to finish off the battle pass as Season 3 looms, alongside a huge community event to complete right now.

The Finals XP Boost update: An image of two light contestants in The Finals.

Start rattling through your remaining challenges in The Finals, as Season 2’s conclusion isn’t far away for the PS5 and Xbox shooter. To send off the season with a bang, Embark Studios is rolling out a new The Finals update with fresh fixes, an all-new community event, and a tasty 10x XP boost to help you collect all that exceptional drip.

The Finals Season 3 is mere weeks away from launching, and like you, our hype is through the roof for the next chapter of Embark’s game-show FPS game. In the latest The Finals patch notes, Embark confirms that Season 2’s last community event will also mark the end of pink-themed cosmetics (boo). Now, players need to “work together to collectively deal 18 billion in damage to enemy contestants in the next week.” Piece of cake, right?

Given that PS5 and Xbox players smashed the previous The Finals community event, we reckon that it will be completed swiftly. You can track your progress, and the rest of your opponents’ efforts here, which currently stands at 7% completion. However, completing the multiplayer game’s battle pass is another gargantuan task you may have left on the table. “Starting today you get 10x as much XP from daily contracts, and 50% more XP from in-game performance,” Embark confirms on the game’s Discord server.

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When you dive into the arena, be it in Quick Cash or Power Shift, you’ll be met with a couple of gameplay tweaks. For those of you planting APS Turrets everywhere, sorry buddy, but this powerful defense gadget is getting a nerf. “The APS turret now consumes a set amount of health for each projectile it destroys. The health cost per destroyed projectile is 40%,” Embark clarifies in the new patch notes. It may sting for you Medium-class players out there, but switching it out for the Defibrillators will go a long way with your teammates.

Light players, though, are in for a treat with this update. If you prefer to use melee weapons like the Throwing Knives, then Embark is gracing you with a considerable buff. Here’s how Embark is making the Throwing Knives better as Season 2 comes to an end:

  • Reduced the delay before the first projectile spawns from 0.22s to 0.11s to make the attacks more responsive
  • Reduced the delay between the first and second projectile spawning from 0.15s to 0.11s to make it easier to land both knives on a moving target
  • Increased the initial projectile speed from 138m/s to 166m/s, increasing the weapon’s precision
  • Increased the primary attack damage from 60 to 63

So, if you hear a gust of wind zoom past your head, it is likely the jagged edge of a Light player trying to steal your cash. There is still plenty of time left before Season 3 to complete your Career Circuit challenges, including the Masters Circuit, which will release its last set of objectives this week. With an AKM skin this slick, you don’t want to miss out on it.

Your first look at The Finals Season 3 reveal is likely to happen during Summer Game Fest, and it could debut new features like the long-awaited Ruby tier in Ranked Leagues. I just hope this The Finals easter egg is solved before then.

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