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Black Ops 6 is taking us back to TranZit according to new wild theory

Pack a bag and a bottle of a Juggernog, Black Ops 6 Zombies could be headed back to TranZit in a glorious PS5 and Xbox remake this year.

Black Ops 6 TranZit: An image of a Zombie in TranZit and the Black Ops 6 box art.

With every new Call of Duty game from franchise veteran Treyarch, there’s the expectation the next era of undead slaying will be an all-timer entry. Black Ops 6 Zombies could be a much-needed slam dunk for the series after the disappointment of MWZ, and it’s beginning to look like it’ll feature the return of TranZit, the ambitious launch map from Black Ops 2. You’ll need to prepare for a trip down the rabbit hole of clues first, though.

As we approach the upcoming Xbox Showcase` on Sunday, June 9, 2024, Treyarch is rolling a wave of mind-boggling Black Ops 6 teaser clips and images containing intriguing clues. If there’s one we expect to be on the hunt it’s known Zombies lore-head ‘MrRoflWaffles’, and his latest upload presents a compelling theory toward including the map TranZit. Dissecting the FPS game’s recent hints, the YouTuber points out how Black Ops 6’s main key art features a distorted map with the location of the Potomac River, which runs through West Virginia in the United States.

But what does the river pass? Chesapeake Bay. This is another location found in the shooter’s artwork. Now stay with us, because further down the river is Great Falls and Little Falls, and the latter is supposedly referenced in a Black Ops Cold War intel recording. MrRoflWaffles pulls up a decrypted piece of intel, containing a memo written for ‘The Director’ of Requiem, the CIA-backed strike team dedicated to containing undead breaches. It explains that “it was a big week down here in West Virginia. Our cover story in the town of [REDACTED], where the citizens were informed [that] the nuclear power plant had experienced a tower failure and was leaking.”

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Furthermore, the nuclear power plant seems to be based on the real-life Pleasants Power Plant in Belmont, West Virginia. The YouTuber’s biggest, and most exciting nod toward TranZit is found by looking up the power plant on Google Maps. In doing so, you’ll find that it is close to none other than Green Run, a northern branch of the Potomac River. Green Run is the other name for TranZit, as this is the name of the actual location that connects all the areas.

This might all sound like the ravings of a passionate Call of Duty Zombies fan, but according to leaks from ‘alanthethird_90’, this new version of TranZit is supposedly known as Liberty Falls – and it could feature this legendary wonder weapon too. The original TranZit contained multiple areas, from the main town square, the diner, and notably – a power station. TranZit’s aesthetic fits the bill for a West Virginia location, despite the Primis crew version being set in Hanford, Washington.

It isn’t uncommon for Treyarch to lay the foundations down for major reveals secretively in the background. After all, the original timeline spanned a decade before the Dark Aether story began.

Black Ops 6 TranZit leaks: An image of the leaks for TranZit in Call of Duty Black Ops 6.

There’s so much to uncover as the acclaimed multiplayer game mode prepares to return, but we’ve been asking for a TranZit remake for a while now. TranZit was incredibly ambitious when it came out, but the console hardware of the time didn’t do it justice. It felt like whiplash coming off the back of Black Ops’ amazing conclusion on the map Moon, too. Now, all these years later, Treyarch could be about to realize its vision in full.

In other gaming news, you’ll be able to play Black Ops 6 on Xbox Game Pass on day one this year, and rival shooter XDefiant could be gearing up for an epic Assassin’s Creed crossover.