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COD Black Ops Gulf War leaks signal hope for a TranZit remaster

Weapons that will allegedly feature in Treyarch's new Call of Duty game indicate the return of a classic COD Zombies gun from long ago.

The time for Treyarch to step up to the plate is here in the Call of Duty release cycle, as the World at War studio completes work on what is reportedly titled Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War. A follow-up to Black Ops Cold War, the new PS5 and Xbox game is still under wraps, but new leaks claim to reveal the roster of weaponry available on launch. One weapon has us hoping that Treyarch finally delivers a TranZit remaster.

According to Call of Duty dataminer ‘jup‘ on social media, they have managed to divulge what weapons will be ready to wield later this year. Black Ops favorites like the FN-FAL, AK-47, and Dragunov sniper rifle are mentioned within the extensive list, but it’s the reference to the Jetgun that has us excited. This weapon was last seen in Black Ops 2, one of the best FPS games in the series, as a buildable weapon comprised of hidden parts around the map TranZit.

Because the Jetgun is a crafted weapon, this means it doesn’t take up any of your weapon slots in Black Ops 2, making it exceptionally handy as a backup during scary situations. However, putting it together can be an arduous task if you’re fending off waves of the undead. Sadly, the weapon hasn’t had the same treatment as other COD Zombies guns like the Wunderwaffe DG-2, the V-R11, or the iconic Ray Gun. Instead, it has remained only accessible in TranZit.

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While Treyarch is yet to reveal its next Call of Duty and confirm whether Zombies is in it, it is a safe bet to speculate that the popular survival mode will return. Zombies has remained a staple for the studio since World at War, and while other studios have given it a makeover through the years, Treyarch’s approach is often well regarded by players.

Well, apart from its involvement with Vanguard’s version of the mode. The studio has also remastered and remixed elements from COD Zombies past, with releases like the Zombies Chronicles DLC for Black Ops 3 giving new life to several fan-favorite maps.

We’ve spoken about the possibility of a TranZit remaster before, as it could be a perfect locale to appear in MW3 Zombies. However, new rumors purport that Treyarch has fully left behind the Modern Warfare 3 game mode to dedicate its staff solely to the new PS5 game and new Xbox game. Now, fellow COD team High Moon Studios is reportedly taking the reigns for Modern Warfare Zombies, according to Zombies reporter ‘MargwaNetwork’.

Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War weapons leaks: An image of MargwaNetwork on social media.

Black Ops Cold War introduced the Dark Aether lore within a soft reboot of the first ever Zombies map, Nacht Der Untoten, titled Die Maschine. We wouldn’t surprised if a similar approach is utilized for a refreshed version of Tranzit too. Until then, check out MW3 Season 2, as Modern Warfare 3’s latest seasonal update gives this iconic perk a scary revamp.