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MW3 Season 2 reworks this terrifying Call of Duty perk

MW3 Season 2 introduces the Ninja Vest, a cunning rework of a classic Call of Duty perk, and we can already hear your PS5 and Xbox enemies screaming.

An image of the Ninja Vest in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 on PS5 and Xbox.

The new MW3 Season 2 update isn’t to be missed if you’re keen on scaring your opponents, because Sledgehammer is reworking a 14-year-old perk with a terrifying twist. The Ninja Vest is a makeover for the controversial COD perk of the same name, and it is primed to become an essential loadout pick.

The MW3 meta is likely to see some drastic changes with the arrival of the Ninja Vest. Perfect for fast-paced players that love to pick up SMGs from the best MW3 guns available, the revamp of Ninja puts the focus on getting up close and personal. According to a recent Modern Warfare 3 blog post, the Ninja Vest is tailored toward “silent melee and throwing weapon specialist” players and eliminates your footsteps while moving. Furthermore, those of us who appreciate a well-placed Throwing Knife or Shuriken are in for a treat, as the Ninja Vest provides players an extra lethal in their MW3 loadout.

Oh, and don’t worry about picking them up from your opponents’ corpse, as they will resupply every 25 seconds. However, if you were thinking of combining the Ninja Vest with the Covert Sneakers, there is a caveat. As you likely already know, Covert Sneakers also apply silent footsteps, so the stacking of the two will instead apply the effect of Running Sneakers.

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As caveats go, though, that’s a pretty good one, because Running Sneakers increase your Tactical Sprint duration, while also reducing its cooldown too. With speed and silence on your side, you’ll soon be at the top of the leaderboard – much to the annoyance of your foes.

Though, don’t worry about getting any unsavory comments from them, as Activision is also clamping down on toxic behavior across PS5 and Xbox. Ninja’s reputation has only continued to divide COD players over the years, but it has never been as irritating as it was in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, one of the best FPS games in existence. In combination with other perks like Sleight of Hand Pro and Lightweight Pro, this trio of perks quickly became the standard setup for any dual Model 1887 or M93 Raffica runner. Truly despicable times, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, we don’t think the Ninja Vest will save you in the return of Hordepoint, an undead spin on one of the best multiplayer game modes out there.