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MW3 Season 2 brings back a forgotten, awesome COD WW2 mode

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 kicks off soon on PS5 and Xbox with an epic throwback to this underrated, zombie-infested Call of Duty WW2 game mode.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2: An image of Captain Price and Hordepoint mode.

Things are getting pretty scary in Modern Warfare 3, and we don’t mean the size of the PS5 update files. MW3 Season 2 begins on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, and it’s all about slaying zombies. But that’s not just in MW3 Zombies, as the new Call of Duty update resurrects a thrilling mode for the franchise’s past. Get ready to duke it out in Hordepoint mode.

Originally featured in Call of Duty WW2, developer Sledgehammer Games is breathing new life into the chaotic game mode for MW3. Hordepoint, as you may have guessed, bears some similarity to Hardpoint. Essentially, the goal of capturing the Hardpoint is still the same, except you’ll be constantly swamped by zombies that are roaming the map – while still dealing with enemy players. Hordepoint was introduced during WW2’s Attack of the Undead event, and also limited scorestreaks to Recon Aircrafts, Molotov Cocktails, and Flamethrowers.

We anticipate that the same kind of restrictions will apply in Modern Warfare 3, forcing players to rely on fiery weaponry to reduce the undead to ashes. As for what maps will be present in this game mode, this remains to be seen, but we reckon it’ll be a prime opportunity to flaunt Season 2’s new 6v6 arenas.

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These new locales are called Stash House, Departures, and Vista. Departures in particular looks to be a highlight, clearly taking some design nods from 2009’s MW2 map Terminal – one of the best FPS games ever made.

You’ll be able to play Hordepoint with new operators too, as Call of Duty is collaborating with The Walking Dead. Bundles for Rick and Michonne Grimes will be available in the COD store. Like crossover bundles before them, each character will probably come with blueprints for some of the best MW3 guns within the MW3 meta

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2: An image of the Rick Grimes operator skin.

Though, each bundle will likely cost around 2,400 COD points ($19.99/£16.79), so be prepared to set aside your coins. It’ll make playing MW3 Zombies even sweeter we reckon, because Rick Grimes with a Ray Gun is an image we need to see immediately.

Until then, Activision is finally offering a better explanation on the game’s brutal skill-based matchmaking system.