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Well done COD players, MW3 is 50% less toxic according to Activision

Modern Warfare 3 players across PS5 and Xbox are keeping it civil, as Activision reports positive changes regarding voice chat moderation.

There’s nothing better than jumping into a voice chat with your buddies, especially while playing intense shooters like Modern Warfare 3. Emotions can run high in the heat of battle, and unfortunately, some players express this with unsavory language. Activision continues to combat exposure to this kind of experience in-game, and new changes to MW3’s Code of Conduct are reflecting well on the game’s community.

In a refreshed version of this document for the latest Call of Duty, Activision shares findings from its ongoing goal to clamp down on disruptive behavior. From August 30, 2023, Activision began implementing stronger measures on players breaching MW3’s conduct, clarifying that “more than 2 million accounts have seen in-game enforcement for disruptive voice chat, based on the Call of Duty Code of Conduct.”

However, while it may be amid the best FPS games for many PS5 and Xbox players, the road to imposing sanctions on players is still tricky. The recent blog post explains that only “1 in 5” players are reporting instances of disruptive behavior, prompting Activision to rely on voice moderation to “take action against players that violate the Code of Conduct.

Modern Warfare 3 Code of Conduct: An image of the MW3 toxic chat document

As a result, “toxic chat voice chat exposure” is significantly reduced: “Call of Duty saw a -50% reduction in players exposed to severe instances of disruptive voice chat since Modern Warfare 3’s launch.”

Repeated offenses can lead to global muting while using the game’s voice and text chat features, while more severe cases enable Activision to enforce restricted social features. To improve this in the future, the statement confirms that Activision is focusing on introducing a myriad of languages, as the studio covers more ground when it comes to tackling aggressive chat behavior.

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The increased pressure on toxic players comes after the deployment of similar features in the game’s battle royale spin-off, Warzone. Activision rolled out a feature that deters cheaters by massively affecting their game, slamming them into the maps’s floor with reckless abandon. If Call of Duty isn’t satisfying your FPS needs, then we recommend diving into The Finals, the breakout shooter from Embark Studios which just deployed a fresh update.