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New The Finals update clamps down on Turret mayhem

Turrets are the bane of any The Finals player, but the latest The Finals patch notes are striking back on this gadget’s powerful reign.

The Finals update 1.5.5: an image of the guardian turret in the finals.

Picture this: you’re about to claim the Cash Out, a win is imminent…but a Guardian Turret ends those dreams swiftly. This is often the case with nearly every match of The Finals, as Medium class players favor this mighty gadget. However, the state of play could change swiftly, as new The Finals patch notes for the Embark Studios FPS introduce several nerfs – and the Guardian Turret is getting a taste of its own medicine.

Like many of the best FPS games on PS5 and Xbox, The Finals is no exception when it comes to ever-changing meta weapons or gadgets. Following pivotal changes to the Cloaking Device, a new set of The Finals patch notes clarify that the Guardian Turret is getting a notable health decrease. The fresh update, which is live now in-game, brings the Guardian Turret’s default health of 300 down to 280. Now, a subtraction of 20 health may not seem drastic, but every ounce of health counts in The Finals.

If you boast a deadly aim with weapons such as the F-CAR assault rifle, then mowing down this gadget is going to be far easier going forward. Furthermore, pelting your Pyro or Frag Grenades won’t just dispatch them faster, but they will also deal considerable damage to recently revived players.

The Finals Guardian Turret nerf: An image of the finals patch notes for update 1.5.5.

Alongside the nerf of the Guardian Turret, Embark Studios confirms a reduction to the invulnerability window that activates upon revival. Players can either be revived via the Defibrillator gadget, by hand, or by respawning back into the match.

Revives applied both by hand and with the Defibrillator see their respective invulnerability windows reduced to 0.75 seconds, as opposed to 1.5 seconds. This change seems a little harsh, given how hectic the arena can be. Last ditch revives are adrenaline inducing in-game. We love pulling off an amazing revive for our fallen teammates, with less than 30 seconds like on the clock to capture the Cash Out.

The reduction to this window could prove to be an unforgiving change, and we’re eager to see whether Embark Studios will tweak it further, for better or worse.

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Instead of using the Guardian Turret, trophy and achievement data shows you need using the Healing Beam, actually. It’ll make you a better team player, and net you a neat achievement in the process. While we wait for this missing weapon to appear, here are the real-life places we want to see in new The Finals maps.