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New The Finals update accidentally ruins your aim on PS5 and Xbox

Don’t panic, you’re not useless at The Finals - the latest update is affecting gunplay drastically, making it harder to control your aim on PS5 and Xbox.

The Finals update aim bloom spread

The Finals doesn’t have tons of customizable weaponry like Call of Duty, which means you’ll need to master each gun and its quirks. That is easier said than done, though, as you might be wondering why your aim is feeling considerably worse than usual on PS5 and Xbox. Well, it’s because the latest The Finals update is changing gunplay for the worse – but don’t worry, it is all accidental and is set to be fixed.

No, Embark Studios isn’t tanking your otherwise excellent marksman skills on purpose. Following The Finals’ new update, an influx of unexpected changes has increased the bloom (of gunfire across the game’s limited arsenal. However, the studio is working to resolve this, as a new Discord server statement clarifies that “we’re aware of a bug in Update 1.5.0 that is causing some weapons to apply bullet dispersion/spread/bloom when fired while aiming down sights.”

This is “not an intentional balance change” and will promptly be fixed with a PS5 and Xbox patch in the near future. Bloom can be seen in some of the best FPS games around, and still stands to be a controversial topic. Essentially, Bloom applies to the radius of your weapon’s line of sight, and can introduce random chances for bullets to fire off in unintended directions – rather than where you are aiming. It adds an element of chance to encounters, making it feel like pure skill is factored out of the equation.

The Finals aim update: An image of The Finals discord server.

The Finals has a pretty notable skill ceiling, and sacrificing that takes away from the game’s intensity and inclination to master not only its gunplay but its team-focused playstyle too. You can’t play it like Call of Duty with pure RNG tactics, after all.

Additionally, Embark Studios notes that it found a bug “where the Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier for controller has been doubled.” Typically, this value is set at 60%, and can still be adjusted to reflect that until a hot fix is applied.

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Alongside these updates to gameplay, we’re hoping to see The Finals leaks come to fruition soon, as Season 2 could kick off with some electrifying new in-game modifiers. Will Season 2 also take us to new locales away from Seoul and Skyway Stadium? We’re hoping so, which is why we have put together our picks for where new The Finals maps should go next.