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Your wallet is mostly safe, as Concord’s only paid DLC is cosmetics

Firewalk Studios' Concord won't burn too much of a hole in your pocket as the PS5 shooter will only charge you for additional cosmetics.

Concord DLC: An image of Concord's character roster and a galactic firefight.

The jury is still out on whether Firewalk Studios’ brand-new PS5 FPS Concord has what it takes to claim a place alongside its genre rivals, but one thing is already clear: it won’t be an expensive experience. Battle passes and cosmetics are all the rage in live-service games these days, but in the case of Concord DLC, you’ll only be parting ways with cash for some extra drip.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Firewalk Studios explains its goal behind Concord‘s large content offering at launch. If you didn’t know, the forthcoming FPS game will include 16 characters, 12 maps, and six Concord game modes when it debuts later this year. “Every season, all that seasonal content, that’s all free,” the developer expresses. These seasonal updates will also include weekly cinematic shorts that expand upon Concord’s lore, an ambitious feat that we’re eager to see play out.

With everything else coming to PS5 players without any hint of a dollar charge in sight, Firewalk tells Eurogamer that “there’s additional cosmetic-only customization options where you can further personalize your characters’ looks”, and this will be the only purchasable form of DLC – at least for now.

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It is an approach we’ve seen become commonplace with multiplayer games, with titles such as Embark Studios’ The Finals offering purely cosmetic related battle passes and bundles via the in-game store. Bigger content drops, like the new Kyoto 1568 map, are all part of Embark’s free seasonal updates.

It is a promising start for the shooter, even if the game’s reveal in last month’s State of Play presentation didn’t hit all the notes and chords. While Aaron’s Concord impressions were far more critical than my own, I’m hoping that I’ll be swayed by its interstellar battles and zany roster when the Concord beta arrives in July. If you fancy taking part in the Concord early access beta, though, you’ll need to pre-order the game first.

For fans of all things Destiny 2, you’re likely to find some enjoyment in Concord, as Firewalk Studios’ team brings together a collection of talented former Bungie and Activision developers, such as Activision’s Tony Hsu and ex-Bungie creative director Ryan Ellis.

Concord beta: An image of three characters with weapons in the game Concord on PS5.

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