February 2021 Archive

The 'Logan Paul Effect': how the Pokémon TCG's popularity is pricing out long-time collectors27 February 2021
Pokémon Yellow had a Nemesis System that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl should bring back26 February 2021
Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are coming later this year26 February 2021
Pokémon Legends Arceus is an open-world RPG coming in 202226 February 2021
PlayStation 5 State of Play gives players a glimpse at 2021's best next-gen games26 February 2021
World of Warcraft's new PvP balancing approach won't "blow up the meta"25 February 2021
PUBG: New State trailer released, confirmed to be project XTRM25 February 2021
President Biden signs executive order that may help solve PS5 stock shortages25 February 2021
The best Apex Legends team in the world explains why it split from its org25 February 2021
The best Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War zombies weapons and loadouts25 February 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 map changes include new Shipwreck POI25 February 2021
FC Schalke 04 confirms it may sell its LEC spot24 February 2021
The Valorant Champions Tour explained - format, regions, and more24 February 2021
Friendships, lotteries, and "tsunami moves" - an oral history of Pokémon VGC24 February 2021
League of Legends fans will decide the LEC All-Pro Team this split24 February 2021
Black Ops Cold War calling cards confirm Warzone zombies mode24 February 2021
How OverActive Media’s $500 million arena aims to elevate Toronto’s esports scene23 February 2021
Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers will create "new opportunities" for women23 February 2021
How to evolve Inkay in Pokémon GO23 February 2021
PS5 VR headset revealed by Sony23 February 2021
xQc banned from NoPixel GTA V roleplaying server23 February 2021
Apex Legends players are abandoning Wraith after her latest nerf22 February 2021
Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1 Masters: teams, schedule, and more22 February 2021
FunPlus Phoeix’s League of Legends jungler Bo suspended for match fixing22 February 2021
Rainbow Six Siege's ranked system rework aims for better "sense of progression"21 February 2021
Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 map reworks include Border, Favela, and Outback21 February 2021
Rainbow Six Siege's new operator Flores can detonate explosive drones21 February 2021
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist: release date, Flores, new weapon, and more21 February 2021
WoW Shadowlands’ newest raid features a showdown with Sylvanas20 February 2021
Overwatch 2 BlizzConline 2021 showcase reveals new maps and character designs20 February 2021
LCS teams pushing for League of Legends import rule changes19 February 2021
MrBeast thinks he'll launch his League of Legends team in two years19 February 2021
League of Legends Wild Rift tier list - the best champions19 February 2021
Call of Duty League week two matches postponed, CDL Super Week announced18 February 2021
Black Ops Cold War Season 2 new weapons confirmed18 February 2021
Fuze teams up with Overwolf for #ClipClash competition18 February 2021
Call of Duty League 2021 breaks viewership records in first week18 February 2021
EA executive hails “new era” for racing games with Codemasters acquisition18 February 2021
CS:GO pings will no longer reveal hidden enemies18 February 2021
Vintage Pokémon TCG booster box sells for a record-breaking $450,00017 February 2021
Get your Roller Champions closed beta code right here!17 February 2021
Dota 2 gets its own Netflix-exclusive anime, airing in March17 February 2021
Valorant patch notes 2.03 - Agent changes, Stinger and Frenzy nerfs, and more17 February 2021
Pokémon Unite beta confirmed for players in Canada16 February 2021
League of Legends star Perkz says ex-G2 teammate Jankos wants LCS move16 February 2021
Valorant’s new game mode will make your guns progressively worse16 February 2021
Rainbow Six Siege caster Jess wants accountability after toxicity forces her to stop streaming16 February 2021
CLG’s Broxah finally get his visa approved for the 2021 LCS season16 February 2021
OG enters Valorant after signing Monkey Business roster16 February 2021
Florida Mayhem relishes its dark horse status ahead of the OWL 202116 February 2021
The best Xbox One games in 202216 February 2021
Kobbe thinks torching promos to duo queue is "cheating the system"16 February 2021
CS:GO veteran karrigan returns to FaZe Clan15 February 2021
Fortnite pro Clix faces Twitch perma ban15 February 2021
League of Legends' Season 11 removed items that "violated design principles"12 February 2021
CS:GO veteran GuardiaN confirms free agency12 February 2021
Riot could be recruiting Dr DisRespect to design a new Valorant map12 February 2021
Twitch users to vote on the new face of PogChamp12 February 2021
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart gets June release date11 February 2021
Nekkra: Pokémon Women's Tournament II "was as open and welcoming as possible"11 February 2021
LCS Lock In viewership was 43% higher than the first three weeks of Spring 202011 February 2021
Why Rocket League’s quick chat mechanic is so demoralizing11 February 2021
PUBG Karakin guide: The best places to drop and loot11 February 2021
Unreleased Sykov pistol appears in a Call of Duty: Warzone match11 February 2021
The ultimate Escape From Tarkov beginner's guide11 February 2021
League of Legends streamer and caster LS to join LEC broadcast this week11 February 2021
Ludwig “buys Shroud” for $53,000 during charity auction Twitch stream11 February 2021
Four bold predictions for the 2021 Call of Duty League10 February 2021
Rocket League announces Freestyle Invitational and Ford partnership10 February 2021
Shroud encounters Valorant bug that lets him see his enemy on the minimap10 February 2021
WoW Shadowlands patch 9.0.5 will make Mythic+ gear upgradable10 February 2021
Pokémon TCG scalpers are buying hundreds of McDonald's Happy Meals10 February 2021
Riot Games investigating its CEO following allegations of gender discrimination10 February 2021
PUBG Sanhok guide: The best places to drop and loot10 February 2021
24 hours with Black Ops Cold War League Play: the good, the bad, and the grindy9 February 2021
Team Vitality signs Crownshot to its League of Legends team, benches Comp9 February 2021
UK MPs call for government ban on next-gen console scalping9 February 2021
Life after North: How MCD won its first Apex Legends tournament without an organisation9 February 2021
Vitality’s IGL apEX to take a break from CS:GO due to “personal problems”9 February 2021
Valorant pros brax and AZK released by T19 February 2021
Black Ops Cold War League Play: Ranks, divisions, and more9 February 2021
Apex Legends' Kings Canyon map dropped from ALGS competitions9 February 2021
The best IRL streamers and channels on Twitch9 February 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red hit with huge “targeted cyber attack”9 February 2021
League of Legends Wild Rift Blue Motes - what they are and how to earn8 February 2021
Team Liquid announces apparel collaboration with Naruto8 February 2021
Who is the best Fortnite player?8 February 2021
Rainbow Six Siege Memevitational is a "celebration of all things Siege"8 February 2021
Armut: “We all agreed that I’m the captain in MAD Lions”8 February 2021
Astralis adds MagiFelix to League of Legends roster as Nukeduck steps back8 February 2021
xQc slams “irresponsible” IRL streamers for going live during COVID8 February 2021
Diogo Jota is currently the best FIFA 21 Weekend League player in the world8 February 2021
“Not a lot of sleep” - the secret to managing three FIFA esports teams across three continents5 February 2021
Ninja pulls off a no-look Ocean Drake steal in League of Legends5 February 2021
North esports organisation to be shut down5 February 2021
First Dota 2 major in 14 months to be held in Singapore5 February 2021
Fortnite's overpowered superhero skin has been "temporarily disabled"5 February 2021
Excel's Kryze says his Lulu toplane pick was influenced by LS' tier lists4 February 2021
IWillDominate allowed to co-stream League of Legends esports again4 February 2021
Esport Denmark is using esports to help elderly people stay connected4 February 2021
Call of Duty League loadouts appear in Black Ops Cold War4 February 2021
Logan Paul drops $2 million on First Edition Base Set Pokémon cards4 February 2021
Ubisoft has postponed the 2021 Six Invitational4 February 2021
PUBG has "every unexpected event" covered for its PGI.S LAN tournament4 February 2021
Fnatic signs SUMN FC as its Valorant roster4 February 2021
PUBG announces three more big esports events for 20214 February 2021
Black Ops Cold War League Play will have 30 ranks to climb3 February 2021
Astralis' Zanzarah: "I want to play against Trymbi more because he's on Rogue"3 February 2021
Two-time FNCS champion TaySon joins Guild’s Fortnite roster3 February 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone bug gifts squad a victory seven seconds after dropping3 February 2021
Faker becomes the first League of Legends player to play 600 LCK games3 February 2021
FIFA 21 Future Stars returns to Ultimate Team this week3 February 2021
Potter: Valorant "brought back a lot of memories and my urge to compete again"3 February 2021
Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event prices anger fans3 February 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone sees 60,000 cheaters banned in latest wave3 February 2021
Apex Legends is coming to Switch next month, mobile release announced3 February 2021
Valorant’s next patch will dish out harsher penalties for AFKing2 February 2021
Mass Effect Legendary Edition finally has a release date2 February 2021
Valorant patch notes 2.02: ranked changes, movement accuracy nerf2 February 2021
BLAST will not implement CS:GO coaching changes despite Valve ruling2 February 2021
League of Legends' Viego has his LEC debut pushed back2 February 2021
Rainbow Six Siege caster wants "inappropriate" map callout to be renamed2 February 2021
The perseverance of competitive Team Fortress 22 February 2021
Cold War's Firebase Z zombies easter egg can't be completed straight away2 February 2021
TSM releases entire competitive Fortnite roster2 February 2021
League of Legends’ Udyr will be the next champion to get a full VGU2 February 2021
Who is NICKMERCS? Net worth, earnings, streaming setup, and more2 February 2021
xQc kicks off 2021 as January’s most watched Twitch streamer2 February 2021
PUBG Mobile banned nearly two million accounts last week1 February 2021
Apex Legends Season 8 dishes out nerfs to Wraith and Horizon1 February 2021
PUBG hacking: Why do people hack, what hacks are there, and more1 February 2021
Rainbow Six Siege shouldn't design or balance an operator based on lore1 February 2021
Building a legend: Apex Legends developers on the evolution of a battle royale1 February 2021
Team Liquid takes down Cloud9 to win the first LCS Lock In1 February 2021
FIFA 21 TOTY Sabitzer SBC: Solutions, requirements, and price1 February 2021
Teacher with ‘Perkz’ Twitter handle thrust into League of Legends stardom1 February 2021
G2 Esports wins the Red Bull Valorant Home Ground invitational1 February 2021
Twitch launches new feature that blocks ads for Partner streamers1 February 2021