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WoW Shadowlands’ newest raid features a showdown with Sylvanas

With Anduin’s new look, it looks like the Banshee Queen’s made her choice

Sylvanas Windrunner, the main boss in WoW Shadowlands' Sanctum of Domination raid

With Denathrius trapped with Remornia over in Dawnkeep – raid guild Complexity Limit making sure of it in record time – one of the Jailer’s allies has successfully been removed from play. Unfortunately, before Maw-walkers can come face-to-face with Zovaal himself, they will have to first contend with a newly-corrupted Anduin (presumably), alongside the Banshee Queen herself, Sylvanas, in World of Warcraft Shadowlands’ newest raid – Sanctum of Domination.

The MMO game’s new raid was officially revealed during the BlizzConline 2021 showcase, detailing the Jailer’s hunt for a mysterious key in Korthia, the City of Secrets – the natural habitat of the First Ones. From the new ‘Kingsmourne’ cinematic, we can see the Jailer acquire one of these keys from Kyrestia by manipulating Anduin to strike her down.

After accruing the power of each Covenant and uniting them under one banner, players will be tasked with taking down the Sanctum of Domination’s ten bosses. Aside from Sylvanas, Torghast’s Tarragrue features alongside Fate of the Damned, as well as Kel’Thuzad – an antagonist those who completed the Necrolord questline would have last seen pulled through a portal to safety by the Jailer.

Lore connoisseurs will be particularly keen to fight against the Eye of the Jailer itself during the raid, with game designer Jeremy Feasel alluding heavily to the link between this mysterious creature and the Titan Keeper, Odyn. Feasel also refers to the Sanctum as a place where “some of the worst of the worst souls were sent”, which hints at further surprises regarding the currently unfilled spots on the roster of bosses.

Feasel’s comments can be found in the full BlizzConline stream here.

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With Anduin currently putting on his best Lich King cosplay, the fate of the High King hangs in the balance. With WoW Shadowlands patch 9.0.5 currently on the PTR – which features balance changes to Covenant skills as well as adding upgradability to Mythic+ loot – it hopefully won’t be too long before we see patch 9.1.