October 2019 Archive

A new esports organisation has signed former FIFA world champion Gorilla31 October 2019
Fans think Pokimane could be moving from Twitch to Mixer31 October 2019
Ninja believes skill-based matchmaking in Fortnite is making Team Rumble "sweatier"31 October 2019
Dota 2's player count drops below 400k for the first time since 201431 October 2019
Rudeism plays Super Monkey Ball using a balance board as a controller31 October 2019
Apex Legends is getting a duos mode for a limited time31 October 2019
13 countries have pulled out of the Overwatch World Cup Preliminaries31 October 2019
Twitch changes ads to make them less intrusive31 October 2019
Call of Duty streamer hits a 720 no scope in Blackout to win 200 gifted subs30 October 2019
Elon Musk donates $1 million to help MrBeast plant 20 million trees30 October 2019
League of Legends player manages to crash his game using Blue Trinkets30 October 2019
Organisers confirm the Boycott Blizzard protest at Blizzcon is on30 October 2019
Faker will have more League of Legends skins than 21 champions if SKT win Worlds30 October 2019
An Apex Legends "competitive program" is in the works30 October 2019
Domination returns and claymores are banned in the Call of Duty League30 October 2019
True Damage is League of Legends' new band and they'll perform at Worlds30 October 2019
A date has been set for the launch of the inaugural Call of Duty League29 October 2019
CLIC Sargent cancer charity challenges streamers to game for good29 October 2019
Origin and Steam players will be able to play together next year29 October 2019
Rainbow Six Siege player discovers new breach tactic using Maverick and Hibana29 October 2019
A speedrunner has completed The Outer Worlds in a record time29 October 2019
Dr Disrespect says Mixer "can't buy viewership"29 October 2019
Twitch wishes Shroud good luck on Mixer with a touching montage video29 October 2019
CS:GO key prices inflate as Valve bans new trades to tackle fraud29 October 2019
Shroud on Mixer move: "I thought it was the best for my career"28 October 2019
Apex Legends player hits a 600m Kraber shot in Shadowfall28 October 2019
How Nova Esports conquered the Clash of Clans World Championship28 October 2019
Call of Duty pros think that Modern Warfare's maps are "some of the worst ever"28 October 2019
Journey before destination: Team Liquid's iNSaNiA on living up to a Dota 2 dynasty28 October 2019
A CS:GO Glock skin commemorates Olofmeister's burning defuse28 October 2019
Splyce vs SKT breaks the record for the highest peak audience in esports28 October 2019
Overwatch 2's new game mode will be playable at Blizzcon28 October 2019
League of Legends champion Pantheon has a 100% ban rate so far at Worlds 201928 October 2019
Win an OMEN Obelisk gaming PC worth $1,39925 October 2019
The EU West League of Legends server just passed the 3 million player mark25 October 2019
Former FIFA world champion Agge leaves North and steps away from esports25 October 2019
Chicago’s Call of Duty League roster has 56 major titles between them25 October 2019
Dr DisRespect backs Twitch and slams Mixer after Shroud deal25 October 2019
How a decade of League of Legends shaped KaSing's career24 October 2019
Shroud announces he will stream exclusively on Mixer24 October 2019
CadiaN and Stanislaw are bringing trash talk back to CS:GO24 October 2019
Team Vitality's Rocket League coach admits he's "never felt confident"24 October 2019
DAMWON's League of Legends players are taking over the EUW solo queue ladder24 October 2019
FACEIT's new AI banned 20,000 people for toxicity in September24 October 2019
The former OpTic Call of Duty roster "hated each other," according to Crimsix24 October 2019
Shopify CEO offers a StarCraft pro a job because of his esports accomplishments24 October 2019
You can reach the top of Train Yard in Apex Legends without using Pathfinder23 October 2019
WackyJacky101 terrifies a PUBG squad using a voice changer23 October 2019
The Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix will be streamed on Twitch23 October 2019
Twitch chat kills the first NPC in The Outer Worlds in just 20 minutes23 October 2019
Catalan university teams banned from playing CS:GO because it's too violent23 October 2019
Fans have watched over 6,000 years worth of LoL Worlds Group Stage content23 October 2019
Rick Fox is looking to set up a new esports org after settling Echo Fox dispute23 October 2019
Pokémon GO's upcoming multiplayer mode will let you fight anyone anywhere23 October 2019
Profit and Gesture leave the London Spitfire Overwatch League team22 October 2019
UK Twitch Partners could be getting their earnings unfairly taxed by the US government22 October 2019
Bugha claims he’s looking for a new squad for the Fortnite Champion Series22 October 2019
Shroud bets Dr DisRespect 200 subs that he won’t complete his 24 hour Modern Warfare stream22 October 2019
Project A will be a 'very lethal' tactical shooter and focus on gunplay, says Riot's CEO21 October 2019
Dr DisRespect reveals concept art for the Modern Warfare map he’s designed21 October 2019
Apex Legends player gets 10 kills in 5 seconds with Gibraltar on Shadowfall21 October 2019
Streamer accuses that a group of FIFA pro players are "dodging" and "stream sniping"21 October 2019
Tfue and Cloakzy will reunite for the Fortnite Champion Series21 October 2019
Hong Kong and Blizzard: How did esports become an arena for protest?19 October 2019
Why Riot Games thinks there's a gap in the market for LoL Esports Manager19 October 2019
Riot CEO reveals Legends of Runeterra has been in development for nine years18 October 2019
Dr DisRespect teases a 24 hour livestream for Modern Warfare release18 October 2019
A blind streamer is helping Twitch with the platform's accessibility18 October 2019
CS:GO's Cache has an easter egg dedicated to a man who prevented WW318 October 2019
Rick Fox is producing a comedy series about his life in League of Legends18 October 2019
Timelapse shows battle between League of Legends and Fortnite as most streamed game17 October 2019
You'll be able to watch League of Legends esports on planes soon17 October 2019
Twitch CEO: "It's very explicitly not a free speech platform"17 October 2019
Watch Fnatic’s JW miss one of the easiest AWP shots in CS:GO history17 October 2019
Fortnite streamer Dakotaz thinks that content creators should never sign for orgs17 October 2019
Star Wars meets League of Legends in this epic anime Arcane trailer17 October 2019
PUBG pros worried the esports scene will "crumble" after PGC skins are cancelled17 October 2019
Team Malaysia is the eighth team to pull out of the Overwatch World Cup16 October 2019
Legends of Runeterra is already more popular than League of Legends on Twitch16 October 2019
Apex Legends toilet gas trap killer now baits out vaults16 October 2019
Tfue is back as Twitch's most followed streamer thanks to Fortnite Chapter 2 streams16 October 2019
Dr DisRespect takes a jab at League of Legends streamer Tyler1’s audio16 October 2019
Project A is “designed to go to war” on peeker's advantage and cheaters16 October 2019
London Royal Ravens base its Call of Duty brand on the British monarchy16 October 2019
You can throw melee weapons and ammo in PUBG now16 October 2019
Legends of Runeterra devs want to understand the players before committing to esports16 October 2019
Riot Games is making a new fighting game, an animated series, and more16 October 2019
Myth finishes an enemy by throwing him off a rooftop in Fortnite Chapter 215 October 2019
Streamer cut from Fortnite black hole stream for talking about Hong Kong15 October 2019
Leaked images suggest PUBG's new Survivor Pass will focus on Miramar15 October 2019
Tfue, CouRage, DrLupo and more react to Fortnite Chapter 2 introduction15 October 2019
A CS:GO caster wants Valve to give map makers the "attention they deserve"15 October 2019
Lirik's unfortunate grenade throw in DayZ ends in death15 October 2019
Signed Dr DisRespect Turtle Beaches appear to say ‘Dad’15 October 2019
Hong Kong will be sending a team to compete at the Overwatch World Cup14 October 2019
Jankos thinks NA and EU teams can finally beat Asian LoL teams at Worlds14 October 2019
Formal drops 49 kills in record-breaking Blackout game14 October 2019
PUBG's player count dropped by 37% in 201914 October 2019
Seagull calls a Twitch viewer "f****** crazy" for objecting to his charity stream14 October 2019
Myth, Tfue, CouRage, and more react to the Fortnite black hole event14 October 2019
League of Legends fan creates an incredible Worlds song mashup14 October 2019
ESL reminds staff not to discuss politics on social media14 October 2019
Blizzard reduces Blitzchung's Hearthstone ban and returns prize money13 October 2019
Fortnite might be getting a new map and streamers are excited11 October 2019
Yago and Jas join West Ham for the FIFA 20 season11 October 2019
Disguised Toast promises return to Hearthstone if Blitzchung ban is reversed11 October 2019
Riot Games has filed a trademark lawsuit against a new esports organisation11 October 2019
Fortnite streamer Dakotaz doesn’t know what “the clap” is11 October 2019
Donald Trump is on Twitch now but he has less followers than Bernie Sanders11 October 2019
Player amazed to learn he had just beaten LoL legend Faker in ranked10 October 2019
A CS:GO pro player's cat has been added to Cache10 October 2019
You can play PUBG Lite in Europe and Russia now10 October 2019
A new charity wants to support gamers with mental health problems10 October 2019
CS:GO update will help you throw better smokes on Vertigo10 October 2019
Dr DisRespect claims Fortnite is "making kids demonic"10 October 2019
Riot reassures fans that ‘Hong Kong’ is not being censored at Worlds10 October 2019
Froskurinn believes G2 Esports has what it takes to win Worlds 20199 October 2019
An ethical hacker has earned $11,450 from reporting CS:GO bugs9 October 2019
FIFA player Msdossary signs to Jay-Z's Roc Nation agency9 October 2019
Call of Duty League branding and prize pool officially revealed9 October 2019
Ninja believes streaming has led to "everyone hating him"9 October 2019
PUBG pro Jeemzz hits crazy motorbike trick shot9 October 2019
Dr DisRespects tells dad-to-be to teach his kid about aliens9 October 2019
FaZe Clan dominate in the PUBG Europe League9 October 2019
Pressure mounts on Blizzard after Blitzchung ban9 October 2019
The song for League of Legends Worlds has finally been released8 October 2019
Cody Sun believes Clutch Gaming is being guided by destiny at Worlds 20198 October 2019
Intel wants to help grow grassroots esports in the UK8 October 2019
Dr DisRespect thinks we'll never hear from PUBG again8 October 2019
Mr Moon feels "guilty" about taking a break from streaming8 October 2019
Rocket League pro Jstn buys gaming chairs for his high school esports club8 October 2019
San Francisco Shock players talk Overwatch League with Jimmy Fallon8 October 2019
The NHS launches the UK’s first specialist gaming addiction clinic8 October 2019
Patent documents reveal how Valve's VACNet system works8 October 2019
Dr DisRespect roasts Shroud after Escape From Tarkov jumpscare8 October 2019
Blizzard bans Hearthstone player for shouting “Liberate Hong Kong”8 October 2019
PUBG caster wtfmoses wants to try "something new" with his stream7 October 2019
Shroud reveals he finds Escape From Tarkov "difficult"7 October 2019
AMD promises its new GPUs will give you better FPS in esports games7 October 2019
17-year-old Smash Ultimate player Zackray wins Big House 97 October 2019
DreamHack creates incredible tribute for CS:GO’s 20th anniversary7 October 2019
People are spending more time watching streams on Facebook than on Mixer7 October 2019
WWE star Randy Orton uses racial slur during Twitch livestream7 October 2019
PUBG Mobile cheaters have been banned for ten years7 October 2019
Why the San Fransisco Shock are in a league of their own5 October 2019
Apex Legends player pulls off hilarious squad wipe with Caustic’s Gas Trap and Grenade4 October 2019
SCUF is helping Ronaldinho launch an esports team4 October 2019
Paris' Call of Duty franchise has revealed their full roster4 October 2019
Ninja criticises Tfue for saying Fortnite “f****** sucks”4 October 2019
EA confirm around 1600 FIFA players have had their data leaked4 October 2019
Esports viewership metrics could be stunting the industry’s growth3 October 2019
Overwatch League's London Spitfire release three players and a coach3 October 2019
Infographic reveals the top weapons used by PUBG pros3 October 2019
Two Apex Legends players claim to be the first Season 3 Predator3 October 2019
German visa proposals could help UK esports pros after Brexit3 October 2019
Nicolas Maurer on Team Vitality's future, roster changes, and more3 October 2019
Ninja and Reverse2K break the record for most Fortnite duos wins in a row3 October 2019
How a “hungry and motivated” Astralis won the Berlin Major2 October 2019
Ninja struggled to cope with "toxic" Twitch chat according to his wife2 October 2019
The International prize pool is a "problem" according to a Dota 2 analyst2 October 2019
EG crash out of DreamHack Malmo without winning a single map2 October 2019
An Untitled Goose Game fan channeled his inner goose on stream2 October 2019
Pathfinder can grapple on to Crypto's drone in Apex Legends2 October 2019
Armada inducted as the first Smash player in the Esports Hall of Fame2 October 2019
PUBG trials skill-based matchmaking in North America2 October 2019
Skybox co-founder wants to "empower" the parents of CS:GO players2 October 2019
League of Legends Worlds 2019: Play-In preview2 October 2019
Dr DisRespect proposes a 2v2 cross-platform Modern Warfare tournament2 October 2019
CS:GO player loses the round trying to find someone he already killed1 October 2019
Dr DisRespect admits he’s "addicted" to Apex Legends1 October 2019
Astralis Group's FIFA team sign teenager Roee Feldman1 October 2019
Streamer spits and threatens a game designer in Call of Duty rage quit1 October 2019
Pro player Aydan banned on Fortnite for smurfing1 October 2019
Players can teleport by firing PUBG’s latest weapon1 October 2019
Watch as a lobster explodes in a Twitch streamer's face1 October 2019
Welcome to The Loadout1 October 2019
How Call of Duty esports could help pros to stop retiring early1 October 2019
What took Dead by Daylight to the top of the Twitch horror charts1 October 2019