October 2019 Archive

Domination returns and claymores are banned in the Call of Duty League30 October 2019
True Damage is League of Legends' new band and they'll perform at Worlds30 October 2019
A date has been set for the launch of the inaugural Call of Duty League29 October 2019
CLIC Sargent cancer charity challenges streamers to game for good29 October 2019
A speedrunner has completed The Outer Worlds in a record time29 October 2019
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Journey before destination: Team Liquid's iNSaNiA on living up to a Dota 2 dynasty28 October 2019
Overwatch 2's new game mode will be playable at Blizzcon28 October 2019
Win an OMEN Obelisk gaming PC worth $1,39925 October 2019
The EU West League of Legends server just passed the 3 million player mark25 October 2019
Chicago’s Call of Duty League roster has 56 major titles between them25 October 2019
How a decade of League of Legends shaped KaSing's career24 October 2019
Pokémon GO's upcoming multiplayer mode will let you fight anyone anywhere23 October 2019
Project A will be a 'very lethal' tactical shooter and focus on gunplay, says Riot's CEO21 October 2019
Star Wars meets League of Legends in this epic anime Arcane trailer17 October 2019
Apex Legends toilet gas trap killer now baits out vaults16 October 2019
London Royal Ravens base its Call of Duty brand on the British monarchy16 October 2019
You can throw melee weapons and ammo in PUBG now16 October 2019
Riot Games is making a new fighting game, an animated series, and more16 October 2019
An ethical hacker has earned $11,450 from reporting CS:GO bugs9 October 2019
Call of Duty League branding and prize pool officially revealed9 October 2019
Why the San Fransisco Shock are in a league of their own5 October 2019
Paris' Call of Duty franchise has revealed their full roster4 October 2019
Ninja and Reverse2K break the record for most Fortnite duos wins in a row3 October 2019
How a “hungry and motivated” Astralis won the Berlin Major2 October 2019
Skybox co-founder wants to "empower" the parents of CS:GO players2 October 2019
Dr DisRespect proposes a 2v2 cross-platform Modern Warfare tournament2 October 2019
CS:GO player loses the round trying to find someone he already killed1 October 2019
Streamer spits and threatens a game designer in Call of Duty rage quit1 October 2019
Welcome to The Loadout1 October 2019
How Call of Duty esports could help pros to stop retiring early1 October 2019