December 2023 Archive

The 5 best movie franchises that deserve epic PS5 and Xbox games31 December 2023
Naughty Dog is in danger of missing the boat with the PS530 December 2023
Assassin’s Creed is the key to Kay Vess’ infamy in Star Wars Outlaws29 December 2023
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Why FF16’s The Rising Tide DLC could alter the PS5 exclusive’s ending27 December 2023
Enough RPGs, we need a Metal Gear Rising remake on PS5 and Xbox26 December 2023
Here's why a Fortnite RTS game makes perfect sense25 December 2023
The Finals players need to stop treating matches like Call of Duty24 December 2023
New God of War PS5 game rumored, just not the one you think it will be24 December 2023
Foo Fighters need to be the next Fortnite Festival headline act24 December 2023
Be patient, Marvel's Blade is rumored to arrive on Xbox in 202724 December 2023
Wolverine PS5 will continue as planned despite leaks, Insomniac says23 December 2023
New Suicide Squad vehicles improve on Arkham Knight's Batmobile23 December 2023
EA confirms Skate console playtests for PS5 and Xbox in 202423 December 2023
GTA 5 is set to leave Xbox Game Pass behind, again23 December 2023
The Finals gives Apex Legends and MW3 stiff competition on Twitch23 December 2023
The Finals Twitch Drops give free festive items to Xbox and PS5 fans22 December 2023
New MW3 Prime Gaming pack drops Hip Hop Hutch skin on PS5 and Xbox22 December 2023
John Wick Fortnite skin returns to PS5 and Xbox after 1,000 days22 December 2023
Xbox and PS5 fans push worst Fallout game past 17 million players21 December 2023
The Loadout Awards 202321 December 2023
Sony crowns Spider-Man 2 PS5 Game of The Year winner to cold responses21 December 2023
Win this awesome PS5 bundle right now, if you're smart enough21 December 2023
You're doing MW3 CODMAS wrong because of one simple reason21 December 2023
2,971 years of ship building is Starfield’s most surprising statistic21 December 2023
SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless - quality at a premium price21 December 2023
James McCaffrey's Max Payne changed my life with just one phrase21 December 2023
The Finals "biggest priority" is improving PS5 and Xbox anti-cheat21 December 2023
PS Plus continues "bringing innovation" amid huge PS5 milestone20 December 2023
PAYDAY 3 gets a host of massive updates alongside Syntax Error DLC20 December 2023
Don’t miss out on the 30 best PS5 deals right now20 December 2023
Save $150 on a brand-new Xbox Series X before its too late20 December 2023
New FC 24 Prime Gaming pack is ideal for Real Madrid fans on PS520 December 2023
The Finals holiday update is as good as MW3 CODMAS on PS5 and Xbox20 December 2023
MW3 CODMAS stuffs your stocking with "filler" rewards on PS5 and Xbox20 December 2023
The Finals' Heavy class is ruining the experience on PS5 and Xbox19 December 2023
PS5 and Xbox players can kick off CODMAS with new MW3 Double XP event19 December 2023
You can win this very rare Armored Core 6 Xbox, and it's beautiful19 December 2023
New Destiny 2 Wish-Keeper Exotic finally here with Starcrossed quest19 December 2023
Xbox Next? More like Xbox, next we need some more exclusives18 December 2023
It takes 59 days' worth of challenges to beat The Finals' battle pass18 December 2023
New Suicide Squad game isn't the end for Arkham-verse on PS5 and Xbox18 December 2023
The Finals isn't learning from MW3's mistakes on PS5 and Xbox18 December 2023
Free Xbox Game Pass with ads is a great idea, on just one condition18 December 2023
New PS5 games could get easier in the future thanks to Sony patent18 December 2023
New Elden Ring controllers for Xbox and PS5 leak and they're stunning18 December 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 is too good for Xbox Game Pass, and Larian knows it15 December 2023
New MW3 patch notes miss the target, fail to nerf meta guns15 December 2023
Kratos' PS5 future is enticingly wide open after God of War Valhalla15 December 2023
Free 5-star makes Honkai Star Rail 1.6 even better for PS5 players15 December 2023
Another new PS5 live service game gone as The Last of Us Online axed15 December 2023
Vital upgrade for your LEGO Fortnite vehicles to hit PS5 and Xbox soon15 December 2023
Gaming headset with best mic 202415 December 2023
Huge Ubisoft RPG free on Xbox Game Pass just in time for the holidays15 December 2023
If Jordan Peele's next movie is linked to Xbox's OD, I'll lose my s**t15 December 2023
You could save up to $150 on these great Secretlab gaming chairs14 December 2023
New look at Marvel's Blade teases it could be a visual feast on Xbox14 December 2023
New MK1 update ruins matchmaking for PS5 and Xbox players14 December 2023
The Finals' Light class isn't bad, PS5 and Xbox players are14 December 2023
Starfield dev defends Xbox RPG amid onslaught of "boring" complaints14 December 2023
It's time the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection was free on PS5 and Xbox14 December 2023
The best PS5 battle royale games14 December 2023
Honkai Star Rail 1.6 banners look to be a must-pull for PS5 players14 December 2023
Kojima's OD features a "Social Scream System" for Xbox, patent claims13 December 2023
Your new Destiny 2 Sparrow just got a speed boost on PS5 and Xbox13 December 2023
New FC 24 TOTW 13 squad juices up Spurs star's stats on PS5 and Xbox13 December 2023
Lost DS2 feature would transform Lords of the Fallen on PS5 and Xbox13 December 2023
GTA 5 headlines PS Plus Extra and Premium in December ahead of sequel13 December 2023
Check your Xbox Year In Review, you may have beaten Phil Spencer13 December 2023
The ultimate OLED setup with the LG C3 and G3 Smart TVs13 December 2023
Ex-Rockstar dev explains why GTA 6 will focus on PS513 December 2023
Xbox appears to affirm Blade exclusivity with YouTube upload13 December 2023
It would take over 300 real days to walk across Light No Fire's world13 December 2023
New Spider-Verse PS5 game in development? Ransomware leaks suggest so13 December 2023
God of War Valhalla won't hit same without playing 2008 PSP hit first13 December 2023
Bethesda to fix mistake? Teased Starfield vehicles could save limp RPG13 December 2023
PS5 players can throw hands in Tekken 8 demo, but Xbox must wait13 December 2023
BG3 save bug STILL not fully fixed, despite devs working with Xbox13 December 2023
Zombies mayhem galore! MW3 free multiplayer weekend arrives for PS513 December 2023
You'll never guess these secret ways you can demolish The Finals' maps13 December 2023
Black Friday-beating Target Xbox Series X deal is here for today only13 December 2023
New Fortnite Festival guitar controller shreds its way to PS5 and Xbox13 December 2023
Spotify Wrapped-like review for PS5 and Xbox reveals your 2023 stats12 December 2023
Honkai Star Rail 2.0 adds vital Orlay Crossroads feature to track lore12 December 2023
PS5 epic Spider-Man 2 was pitched as a Venom story from day one12 December 2023
You can get these rare BG3 Twitch Drop rewards on Xbox and PS5 now12 December 2023
New Starfield update actually fixes infinite gun glitch on Xbox12 December 2023
Leaked Suicide Squad game mode is a treat for Destiny 2 Gambit players12 December 2023
If Indiana Jones is Xbox exclusive, then Blade surely must be too12 December 2023
Ransomware attack may provide a first look at PS5 exclusive Wolverine12 December 2023
2023's most controversial PS5 and Xbox game was its most Googled11 December 2023
LEGO Fortnite and Fortnite Festival "here to stay" on Xbox and PS511 December 2023
MW3 PS5 and Xbox players have an advantage that is "basically a hack"11 December 2023
Honkai Star Rail 1.6 livestream gives PS5 fans first look at Penacony11 December 2023
New leaks reveal who's getting Apex Legends FF7 skins on PS5 and Xbox11 December 2023
New Skull and Bones leaks suggest forced PvP coming to PS5 and Xbox11 December 2023
Xbox RPG Starfield needs a huge Cyberpunk-style overhaul ahead of DLC11 December 2023
The rumored PS5 Pro specs are already disappointing me11 December 2023
Will there be a Starfield PS5 and PS4 version?11 December 2023
New BG3 Xbox players already facing frustrating save game bug11 December 2023
The Finals doesn't need a PS5 and Xbox roadmap and here's why11 December 2023
Best wired gaming headset 202411 December 2023
The Finals feels like the first truly next-gen FPS on PS5 and Xbox10 December 2023
MW3 gets rinsed by The Finals as PS5 and Xbox free to play FPS surges10 December 2023
The GTA 6 trailer for PS5 is cool but this PS1 style trailer is better10 December 2023
Fortnite Festival set for Guitar Hero style controller support on PS510 December 2023
New Sea of Thieves update brings Safer Seas to Xbox exclusive10 December 2023
Suicide Squad offline mode is excellent news for PS5 and Xbox players9 December 2023
GTA 6's Lucia isn't that bikini-clad woman, but PS5 players don't care9 December 2023
Lego Fortnite and Rocket Racing help smash PS5 and Xbox records9 December 2023
Xbox Game Pass Core adds this fantastic medieval FPS to download now9 December 2023
The Finals is a major PS5 and Xbox hit despite alleged movement nerf9 December 2023
Rocket Racing revamps Rocket League formula on PS5 and Xbox8 December 2023
FC 24 POTM SBC straps jet engine to Harry Maguire on PS5 and Xbox8 December 2023
You don't have long to save big on 2023's most underrated Xbox FPS8 December 2023
MW3 actor blasts this certified PS5 legend amid The Game Awards jab8 December 2023
PS5 and Xbox players need to avoid this costly mistake in The Finals8 December 2023
BG3 Xbox release arrives as Larian Studios RPG sweeps The Game Awards8 December 2023
New PS5 exclusive Rise of the Ronin finally gets a release date8 December 2023
Arkane moves onto new Blade game and it could be an Xbox exclusive8 December 2023
As Dusk Falls PS5 release date finally arrives after Xbox exclusivity8 December 2023
New Hellblade 2 trailer will spook Xbox players in more ways than one8 December 2023
New FF16 DLC brings series' most iconic sword to the PS5 exclusive8 December 2023
God of War Ragnarok Valhalla will feel similar to this PS5 exclusive8 December 2023
Biggest PS5 and Xbox exclusives leave The Game Awards empty-handed8 December 2023
Why watching the new GTA 6 trailer in reverse makes the most sense7 December 2023
The Finals rumored for surprise Xbox release during The Game Awards7 December 2023
Xbox Game Pass adds its most ridiculous game yet7 December 2023
GTA 6 will look "incredible" on PS5 and Xbox, claims ex-Rockstar dev7 December 2023
This awesome PS1-themed PS5 should (and could) be more than a one-off7 December 2023
LEGO Fortnite gives PS5 players a taste of this Xbox exclusive7 December 2023
Xbox Winterfest gives you 33 free demos of hidden gems to play now7 December 2023
New PS5 system update makes your PlayStation more secure and stable7 December 2023
One of 2023's best horror games just $8 on Xbox, but there's a catch7 December 2023
FC 24 free multiplayer weekend is nearly here for PS4 and PS5 owners7 December 2023
Overwatch 2 latency issues render PS5 FPS borderline "unplayable"7 December 2023
Iconic Star Wars game set to join PS Plus Classics on PS5 soon7 December 2023
You can claim 5 free PS5 avatars on the PlayStation Store right now6 December 2023
Fortnite Festival song list unveils Billie Eilish, The Weeknd tracks6 December 2023
Warzone Season 1 turns the game's worst pistol into a one-shot wonder6 December 2023
FC 24 patch notes reveal you're getting slower, but for a good reason6 December 2023
All Lords of the Fallen bosses and how to beat them6 December 2023
How the LG OLED evo C3 Smart TV make stunning games look even better6 December 2023
MW3 A-Train skin is likely to succeed where MK1 Homelander fails6 December 2023
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BG3 fans spent over 8,000 years making characters before Xbox launch6 December 2023
Best MW3 SVA 545 loadout, build, and full class setup in Season 16 December 2023
New Honkai Star Rail codes drop as Silver Wolf finally arrives on PS56 December 2023
GTA 6 theories claim a Red Dead Redemption style twist is coming6 December 2023
Best MW3 Striker loadout, build, and full class setup in Season 16 December 2023
New Destiny 2 Nightfall weapons really need to be easier to earn6 December 2023
Best PS5 accessories 2024: ultimate PlayStation 5 gear6 December 2023
New GTA 6 trailer appears to confirm the game's first radio station6 December 2023
MW3 multiplayer, maps, modes, and more in Season 16 December 2023
Is Call of Duty MW3 Zombies free to play?6 December 2023
New FC 24 patch notes add 94 players and makes major AI changes5 December 2023
Armored Core 6 weapons and guns list5 December 2023
How to play Armored Core 6 multiplayer, PvP details, more5 December 2023
Forget what you've heard, there's "no plans" for Xbox Game Pass on PS55 December 2023
Mario Kart 8 best kart - the ultimate combos5 December 2023
GTA 6 set for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only, but for how long?5 December 2023
New Valorant update buffs struggling Agent and adds Drift to TDM5 December 2023
Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 review: a throne fit for a gamer5 December 2023
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Best cheap gaming headsets for PS5, PS4, Xbox, and Switch5 December 2023
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PlayStation's new PS Plus Season of Play promo is painfully mediocre4 December 2023
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Call of Duty flaunts new Warzone Urzikstan map in dramatic trailer4 December 2023
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MW3 meta, top weapons and classes ahead of Season 14 December 2023
Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline, perks, traits, and how to get4 December 2023
Starfield player count continues to climb while Xbox waits for new DLC4 December 2023
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Destiny 2 Warlord's Ruin guide, loot table, bosses, armor, and weapons4 December 2023
FC 24 Radioactive promo confirms new upgrades for Messi and more1 December 2023
Respawn still has "no plans" to move Apex Legends to a new game engine1 December 2023
The best PS5 zombie games 20241 December 2023
New GTA 6 trailer set to arrive just before The Game Awards next week1 December 2023
All Starfield crew members, how to assign, and best crew1 December 2023
New MW3 Vortex mode brings deadly Zombies flair to free-for-all1 December 2023
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Genshin Impact codes December 20231 December 2023
All Party Animals codes December 20231 December 2023
Honkai Star Rail codes for December 2023 and how to redeem them1 December 2023
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