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MW3 A-Train skin is likely to succeed where MK1 Homelander fails

A new set of MW3 The Boys skins are coming, as the MW3 A-Train skin bundle is set to pick up the slack of the MK1 Homelander crossover.

MW3 A-Train The Boys skin

MW3 Season 1 is here, and to celebrate the occasion, developer Sledgehammer Games reveals a closer look at forthcoming skin bundles. Those include the new MW3 The Boys skins, but if you’re looking for Solider Boy or Billy Butcher, you’re in disappointment. You can look forward to a fresh MW3 A-Train skin, which brings the speedster into the Call of Duty universe, and his appearance is surely set to include one feature that MK1 Homelander crossover doesn’t.

Get ready to feel the need for speed, as Sledgehammer Games confirms that players can “deploy as the fastest man in the world with the A-Train Operator Skin from The Boys” in Modern Warfare 3. Not only does Jessie T. Usher lend his likeness to the character, but it is safe to assume that he will giving his vocal talents to the Operator too. That’s because Antony Starr and Erin Moriarty did the same for Homelander and Starlight respectively in their own Call of Duty bundles.

It’ll mark another odd circumstance for The Boys and gaming, as Call of Duty appears to have the monopoly on retaining the show’s cast.Despite NetherRealm Studios trying to court Antony Starr for the reprisal of his role of Homelander, The Boys actor continues to confirm he won’t be appearing in Mortal Kombat 1.

However, he did lend his voice to the Call of Duty franchise, appearing in Modern Warfare 2 before the ‘Carry Forward’ scheme brought him into Modern Warfare 3. Starr points to go as far playing arguably one of the best FPS games of the year over Mortal Kombat 1, saying at For The Love of Sci-Fi “hey, have you seen Call of Duty? I voice Call of Duty, so go play that.”

Starr still won’t divulge the exact details of why he isn’t appearing Mortal Kombat 1, but we speculate that it might be a contractual dispute or a scheduling conflict. However, we can tell you that A-Train isn’t alone either, as another The Boys bundle is coming to Modern Warfare 3: “Join the battle as the new Supe in town with the Firecracker Operator Skin.”

mw3 the boys a-train

mw3 firecracker skin the boys

Firecracker is a new character arriving with The Boys Season 4 release date, portrayed by Valorie Curry. Both bundles will contain the following:

  • ‘Smoking Gun’ Assault Rifle and the ‘Fellow Patriot’ LMG (Firecracker)
  • ‘Truthbomb’ Animated Calling Card (Firecracker)
  • ‘Firecracker’ Weapon Sticker (Firecracker)
  • ‘Second Protects’ Weapon Charm (Firecracker)
  • ‘Eagle Eyed’ Animated Emblem (Firecracker)
  • ‘Freedom of Speech’ Finishing Move (Firecracker)
  • ‘Turbochanged’ Assault Rifle and the ‘Fast AF’ SMG (A-Train)
  • ‘ Here Comes the A-Train’Animated Calling Card (A-Train)
  • ‘A-Train’ Weapon Sticker (A-Train)
  • t’Turbo Rush Energy Drink’ Weapon Charm (A-Train)
  • ‘World’s Fastest Man’ Animated Emblem (A-Train)
  • ‘The Boys A-Train’ Loading Screen and the ‘Fastest Man in the World’ Finishing Move (A-Train)

So before they arrive in MW3 multiplayer, you’d be wise to get acquainted with the current MW3 meta. You can do that by using the best MW3 loadouts and equipping some of the best MW3 guns around.