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The Finals holiday update is as good as MW3 CODMAS on PS5 and Xbox

A new The Finals update brings holiday cheer to the arena, with themed cosmetics and more to earn, just as MW3 CODMAS also arrives.

The Finals holiday update PS5 Xbox

Get your Santa hat and prepare for a chilly battle, because The Finals is embracing the holiday spirit. Embark Studios is getting in on all the festivity at this time of year, as a new The Finals holiday update gives the game gets a snow-laden overhaul alongside other exciting additions to keep you busy. So, if you’re not feeling enamored with what MW3 CODMAS has to offer, this could be your holiday retreat on PS5 and Xbox.

In a year filled with plenty of action-packed shooters, The Finals is already up there with the best FPS games you can dive into right now. The PS5 and Xbox hit is giving players the chance to sample a snowy makeover to the game’s current arena selection, as Embark Studios confirms on social media that the holiday update is now live: “Celebrate the holidays in The Finals. Tumble around in a snowy Monaco, get unique holiday cosmetics, and cause mayhem and destruction in the world’s most festive game show.”

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We’re a little sad to hear that Seoul 2023 isn’t getting a similar aesthetic change, as dashing around skyscrapers in the snow would enhance what is arguably the best map in the game. However, Monaco 2014 is a banger in itself, and we’d take that over other The Finals maps like Skyway Stadium or Las Vegas 2032. As aforementioned, you can also get your hands on new cosmetic items, giving your contestant a distinct presence on the battlefield. You’ll probably be spotted from a mile away, but hey, at least you’ll be getting eliminated while wearing the hottest holiday drip around.

Developer Embark Studios is yet to clarify whether any additional holiday content will be heading to one of the best multiplayer games around. With plenty of players settling down to unwind and play with their friends over the holiday break, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Embark Studios roll out a few surprises along the way. A massive Candy Cane skin for the Sledgehammer? Make it happen, Embark Studios.

The Finals holiday update cosmetics

As The Finals roadmap currently isn’t a priority for the studio, what content lies ahead is very much up in the air, but it does mean that anything can happen until the end of the current battle pass. The arrival of this update comes shortly after FPS rival Modern Warfare 3 announces plans for its own festive event, as MW3 CODMAS gets underway for Call of Duty fans. While that event offers incentives like Double XP, you might be tired of seeing the cold, cold containers of Shipment again.

Just like MW3 CODMAS, you’ll find the aforementioned cosmetics in The Finals in-game store, as they aren’t part of the current battle pass. And the best part is, they’re completely free. You’ll be able to apply them to any of The Finals classes, at least clothing wise, as some cosmetics will be locked to some of the best The Finals weapons in the game.